2003-04-11, Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 45 minutes.

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Dave wrote: Being a Philly guy and seeing The Boss in 4 different cities in the last 4 years (Philly, Denver, Tacoma, Vancouver), I gotta say that the crowd in Vancouver was pretty good. Bruce was more into the crowd here than anytime I've seen him. "Badlands" is always my favorite song of the set, but it was equalled by "Ramrod" on this night. During this jam, Bruce grabbed a 'coon skin cap from a guy in the front row and after putting it on, proceeded to lead the entire band (with instruments) in single file, funky chicken walk off the stage. All the lights went out and Professor Roy was the only one left on stage with a lone spotlight as he proceeded to play some 5 minute honky tonk piano solo while Bruce & the band were making their way about 5 rows deep into the general floor seating area (escorted by security of course). Roy continued with the spotlight solo until the entire band was back on stage, lights came on and they finished banging out the rest of "Ramrod". I was definitely in "Boss" heaven for that part.


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