2003-04-13, Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, Canada

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 40 minutes.

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Joni wrote: Inspite of the GA line being reversed and my number changing from #37 to #263, it was a great, great show. It was probably safer for everyone concerned that I be at the back of the pit with a bit more room to move around!

The concert was fantastic from the word go. I haven't seen that many concerts in Calgary and haven't run into that many Springsteen fans since moving here, so I wasn't sure what the crowd would be like. I didn't really have to worry - the Boss sure got everyone charged up quickly. He said, fairly early in the show "Look at this crowd, you'd think we were in Jersey!" I take that as a compliment. The highlight for me was Jungleland - when I heard the first few notes I went wild and for a moment thought maybe I was mistaken as nobody else 'got it'. Then the song started and everyone got into it. It was beautiful. There was a group of young (er) fans (probably late teens) who were pogo-ing through the whole concert. They were pretty visible as they were at the centre-back of the pit and all wearing white t-shirts. I noticed them missing at one point and found out later that they had been invited back stage to meet the Boss. Lucky kids. I'm posting this a year and a half after the show, but I still have a smile on my face as I think about it. We had driven from Calgary to Fargo (17 hours) for the Fargo show in Sept, but this Calgary one was much better.

Being in the pit was a marvelous experience and being at the back of the pit meant I could see the whole stage and everyone was up close. Nils still blows me away with his guitar playing and Bruce seems to get better with each show I see. This was fantastic and I did not want it to end. Here's hoping for a new CD and tour sooner rather than later.

John wrote: I too had JUNGLELAND figured out before those around me. RAMROD and BORN tO RUN - two of the best live songs - made the show. I'll bet Clarence had a heart attack when he saw JUNGLELAND on the set list!


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