2003-04-14, Skyreach Centre, Edmonton, Canada

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 45 minutes.

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Tom wrote: Awesome show. Quite a few different songs from the previous night in Calgary, including the one mentioned above i'm not familiar with the name...Bruce said it was a treat for Edmonton that Calgary didn't get. Detroit medley was special treat as well. Very high energy show from start to finish...unfortunate the crowd was much less than capacity, maybe 10000 out of 16000 venue...but didn't seem to affect the band as they gave it 100%. The crowd in Calgary was jam packed and really into it big time. Edmonton was much more subdued and not as familiar with the songs (only second time Bruce has played Edmonton and first with THE band - first time was the Better days tour). So considering the crowd, was very special to get the rare songs. Bruce made a number of comments about the fact Edmonton is famous for Wayne Gretzky...a bit boring for Edmonton people who are tired of it since its been 12 years since Gretzky left and don't want to be reminded we are along ways from the top of the hockey world today. Not alot else to say...was a real treat..fabulous, high energy once in a lifetime show worth the over $100 ticket price (which was likely big reason so many fans stayed away).


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