2003-04-19, Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 40 minutes.
"Hungry Heart" is a tour premiere.

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Gord D. wrote: As a longtime fan its great to count on the fact that each Springsteen concert that I attend is a rebirth. There's always some point in these shows where you just sit back and let yourself become overwhelmed with the spectacle. Whether its Bruce & E-Street Thundering down the Road, or Bruce solo on the piano regaling us with an Incident on 57th St. you just know that your in the presence of a true master craftsman. 100% of the people in this world have dreams, 1% of these peoples dreams come true. Bruce has never played to that 1%.

Tom Cantillon wrote: Bruce and the band were smoking that night! Intense versions of The Rising, Lonesome Day and No Surrender. Worlds Apart and Into the Fire are still my favorites of the new material. The crowd was up for the duration of the show and I believe that kept Bruce pumped. One of the highlights of the show, and of the tour, is the piano version of Incident! Beautifully rendered and a song I hope stays on the setlist for the summer tour.
Ramrod was simply out of control and definitely one of the best songs of the night--Bruce has so much fun with this one--reminds me of the days of the River Tour. And when he rockets thru Born to Run and into the Detroit Medley, all hell breaks loose--what an intense combo. My City of Ruins still leaves me with chills. Hopefully, during the summer tour Bruce will break out some classics like: Drive all Night, Price you Pay, Living Proof and Racing in the Streets. Amazing show! The Rising material is intensely spiritual and a welcomed relief to the pop-oriented Born in USA material. Looking forward to a summer of Bruce in Jersey!

Robert Monti wrote: This was my 6th time seeing Bruce. Last time being 1988 Amensty Tour. Me and my buddies were pumped and Bruce did not let us or the other 20,000 fans down. We had been following the setlists pretty closely for the last couple of shows, so when he started with Promised Land the place was simply blown away.....amazing...............There were so many highlights it's hard to list them all. Another would have to be the tour premiere of Hungry Heart........fantastic....the crowd really got into it and so did Bruce. It just does not get any better. All in all a very emotional and uplifting performance by the Boss.Bruce we love you and please .....please ..please.........come back soon. We miss you already...........

Brent Shaw wrote: Bruce and the band kept us waiting for approximately 50 mins. I was standing in the center on the floor about 60 feet from the band.
By the 3rd song Bruce's grey shirt was clearly soaked with sweat. Of course it was like any Bruce show, just a total outpouring of love for Bruce and the Band. Everyone jumped to their feet when he came out and stayed that way until he and Patti did a couple of quieter songs. At that point he told the crowd he needed a bit of quiet and we actually listened to him!
It was way too warm in the building and I noticed Mighty Max kept sliding his glasses up his nose, he was sweating so profusely, trying to keep time at the same time.

I kept screaming for Jungleland and/or Rosalita but never got them. He did mostly songs off 'The Rising" . A particular highlight was ":Incident on 57th Streeet." It was amazing to see him solo on piano singing this very delicate song after screaming out the rockers for a couple of hours. His voice seemed to get stronger as the show went on , it was unbelievable.
Only complaint was the sound was a bit muddy, making it hard to pick out some of the early guitar solos, especially Bruce's.
I am having trouble getting this concert out of my head. I am 40 years old and have been an avid concertgoer since the age of 16. I had seen Bruce before in 1984 when he came to Montreal. Its a 8 and a half hour drive from where I live, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
I have seen an awful lot of concerts over the years but now I can die happy. I just saw the best one of my life.

Bruce is an absolute marvel and I love him and the E Street Band - they make me believe in the incredible power of rock 'n roll.
All hail Bruce!!!

Brian Sweeney wrote: I will remember this Springsteen show probably more so than the nine other times that I've seen him, mainly for this reason: before the show I met Bruce and he signed my Rising tour t-shirt! My brother, Paul, was there to capture the fantastic moment with some great pictures! After this encounter, I was on cloud nine, for sure! Most stars of his stature would probably ignore a request like that, but Bruce was kind and accomodated my request; something that I will never forget!


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