2003-05-06, De Kuip, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 45 minutes.
Patti is missing as she's home looking after the kids.
Born in the USA is solo acoustic.

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Maurice Schaepkens wrote: A great great concert, lasting for about three hours kicked off with an acoustic born in the usa and ended with a rocking dancing in the dark. Iincident on 57th street was palyed acoustic on piano and the band seemed to have a lot of fun rocking 'de kuip'. Bruce slided over the stage numerous times and Nils played Clarence's sax while he was playing his guitar. It was a shame that PAtty didn't show up, as she was busy housesitting the kids back home. I am curious if thursdays show will be different, but i've got good hopes that he will play twist and shout, cause now devil with the bleue dress was played also.
A great experience once again!!!!

"Wingsonsomewheel" wrote: I left home by train with a few friends... It was 04:20...We arrived an hour early... It's obvious that we had seat tickets.

The first thing about the show in general, is that the second half was better because it was really really evening... The darkness sets the mood.

It started of with "Born in the USA", which I only like acoustic, so it was fine for me.

There's nothing much to say about "The Rising" and "Lonesome Day"... Just great songs. The're already classics.

"No Surrender" surprised me!! After hearing this song from the "Live 1975-1980" album, I didn't want to hear it from BITUSA anymore, but after the rocking version of yesterdaynight..... WOW

"The Promised Land" is one of my personal favourites (this was the part where I left my seat, moved to the side and started jumping and clapping with some other unknown guys) and I'd love to hear it again on thursday

I only like the live version of "Empty Sky", because I think the drums fuck up the emotion of the song (same opinion about "My City Of Ruins" where the drums start to early on the studio album IMHO). Some dickheads in the audience started clapping with the chorusses like it was "Better Days" which really ruined the atmosphere a bit... I really missed Patti here... Maybe better luck on thursday.

"Your're Missing" sounds wonderful live... One of the highlights of the show for me.

"Waiting on a sunny Day"... I gotta stay polite now, but I hate the song, so this was my chance to chase for some beer... I started waiting.... (NOT for a sunny day)

During "Darlington County" I was still waiting.... "Should I go back or keep waiting, 'cause then my waiting will be rewarded?" was the only thought then... I decided to wait! I should've left.... 'cause the beerbarrels were empty when it was my turn....

I went back to the action (with a damn Sisi, and a very pissed of mood) and "Worlds Apart" started... Bruce couldn't have a better timing!! This is my 2nd favourite Rising song ("Paradise" is still #1) and it rocked my ass off!! (RMAO) I was jumping and clapping with the unknown guys again (I'd like to see you try that.... Clapping and holding/drinking Sisi at the same time:))

"Badlands"... was great ofcourse. I noticed that I was in a group of people that didn't know what to do in the Oooooh-Oh-Oh-Oooooh-Ooooooh part.... The'll remember it for the next time!

"Out in the streets" was nice to hear... One of the few happy songs that I like.

"Mary's Place" is a song that I can't stand on the studio album, but it's a great great live song. The audience partitian was great here.

"Countin' on a miracle" is a nice song, but I could've done without it... I love the bridge in the song...

Bruce sat down behind the piano could'n get the intro of "Incident on 57th street" right... After 2 or 3 attempts, Bruce blew his nose (quickly after, the videoscreens were out). A guy behind me kept screaming "Point Blank!!".... It would be fun if it worked but it didn't take long for "Incident" to begin.... WOW!!! It seemed that I was the only only in the section around me who love it! People started moving to the toilets and to wherever the were moving.... In the middle of Incident, for Christ sake!!! Unbelievable.... Now I've seen my 3 favourite Bruce songs live (Also Jungleland in 1999 in Arnhem and Thunder Road) Thanks a lot Bruce!!

"Thunder Road" is one of my personals favourites (one of everybody's favourites!!), and I think that this one together with "Born to Run" should be in every Bruce and the ESB show

I never liked "Into the Fire" but there's the acapella ending was wonderful... truly tastefull

"Bobby Jean" sounded great except for parts on the sax-solo. Clarence missed a few notes but I love the whole "sad-but rocking" concept of the song.

"Ramrod" went on a bit too long for me (but not for the ones in the front I guess ), but the first 23,5 minutes of the song were fantastic...

No "Born to Run" means no complete Bruce show I think. It's one of garanteed successes in a show. They audience went berserk in my section!

It was the first time ever for me to hear "Detroit Medley" (really), so this was also one of the highlights of the show... I knew all the songs but I never heard the Bruce and the ESB version... The stone-platform I was standing on was bouncing up and down, so you can say that it worked well.

"My City of Ruins" moves me everytime I hear it. People around me started talking and laughing, which I didn't understand... This is one of the songs where everybody should shut up and enjoy the moment... And that's exactly what I did.

Now comes the sad part...

I had to leave the stadium during the end of "Land of Hopes and Dreams" because I agreed to meet my friends (who were in another part of the stadium) to make sure we would catch the last train home, but I enjoyed the first 5 or 6 minutes of the song....

I was outside when "Dancing in the Dark" was played... I thanked God that Bruce didn't end with "Jungleland"! It was a relief in a way, that I don't like "Dancing in the Dark"

Something about the sound... In the train I talked to some people who were in the pit, who said that the sound was great... I think the're right but when you're sitting in the back of the stadium (like I did) the sound was terrible... That's the discomfort of every stadium show performed by Bruce or by anyone.

There were a few moments in where the videoscreens flickered, but 99,5 % of the time it was working just fine

And now the positive parts.... well that would be a very very long list...

It was a very standard setlist for many of you but it was my first "Rising" tour show (tommorrow the 2nd ) so 16 of the songs were live debuts for me!!

I got field tickets for tomorrow so I'll write another review then. This way I can compare the quality of the sound...

I can't wait!!!

It's been a great evening!


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