2003-05-08, De Kuip, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 45 minutes.
Patti is missing as she's home looking after the kids.
"Darkness"? is played solo acoustic.

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Frank wrote: I was unable to get tickets for Bruce's Dutch indoor concert in Ahoy Rotterdam october 2002. So, me and my girlfriend had to wait until last night to see the boss again. Once again an unforgettable experience.

I won't comment on the setlist', as far too many people do that these days. What should have stayed in? What should have been left out?

Frankly i don't care what he plays. What matters is that every time i see Bruce Springsteen in concert, he touches me somewhere deep inside.

I've seen him play in 1981, 1985, 1988, 1993, 1993 and 1999. So last night was only my 7th concert, but it blew me away, again.

I go to his concerts like you go visiting an old friend. You go over and you wonder how he's doing. And every time i get the same response from Bruce: I'm fine man, thanks for visiting, and don't wait so long before coming 'round again.

Nice to know that some things stay the same.

"more ice" wrote: What a great show! Having seen tuesdays show also i must say that this was bruces best. I was there with my girl all the way up front, which provided me with great pictures of bruce. Too bad though I got warned by the crew after shooting one during caddilac ranch. The big man missed a couple of notes, i think it was during the promised land, and bruce broke a guitar string during she's the one... All though the show was minutes shorter, it was more dynamic! The boss Rules!!!!!!

Manus wrote: Wow!! What can I say? I just got back from Rotterdam! I've been to the first one too and I gotta say that I prefered last show...

This night I had field tickets so I was standing close to the stage. The sound was great!! The first night it was shit because I was way back in the stadium... It makes a hugh difference!!

My father and I went together and we were both pleasently surprised. I gotta explain that "Darkness..." is (in constant battle with Born To Run) my favourite album, and what did I get this night of that??

Promised Land
Candy's Room
Darkness on the Edge of town
...and one of my old time favourites.... Racing in the Streets

Especially that last song moved me tonight... I couldn't believe that I was witnessing it... Fantastic!! Thanks Bruce! And far more important: Thanks Rosie!!

"The Ties that Bind" kicked away "Out in the Street" off the setlist of 2 nights before which I didn't mind at all... Though I love Out in the streets too... but... The Ties that Bind wins for me...

"Darkness on the Edge of Town" (acoustic) was also a big surprise for me!! I love this version. I've known it from the "The Ghost of Tom Joad" single and I've always loved it!!

"Countin' on a Miracle" is a song that I could miss in the set.... And so it did for tonight.... Make room for Caddilac Ranch!!! "We haven't played it for a while so we might need a little help" is what Bruce said about it... He kept on laughing during the song throughout the words... the fun and excitement was shining through him! Amazing!

"She's the One" rocked really good!! Night is the only song that I haven't heard live from that album... So this was too shorten the list and to have a helluva great dancing time!

I noticed during "The Promised Land" that Bruce was bleeding on one of his right hand fingers, but it didn't stop him at all... He didn't even payed attention to it... except for rubbing it clean once in a while

"Detroit Medley" worked very good tonight (like two nights ago) just as "Ramrod" (man that rocks!!)

This time the audience reacted very good on "Empty Sky" and "You're Missing"... The silence was dominating!

All the Lalala/Nananana and Tututu songs (Darlington County, The Rising/Waiting on a Sunny day) worked very good... especially in the pit... I know now what I missed when I was sitting in the seats two days before!!

After such a standard (but outstanding show!!) setlist as two nights ago, I didn't expect so many surprises (Like "Two Hearts" with the it-takes-two ending) but it was more than welcome!!

This time he left the Back in your arms snippet away in "Mary's Place" but it worked very good!!

"My City of Ruins" was moving me again.... Beautiful song!! No more words needed

Candy's Room, Racing in the Streets, The Ties that Bind, Caddilac Ranch, Darkness (acoustic).... Do I need to say more???

I feel like a lucky bastard!!!


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