2003-05-10, S�dweststadion, Ludwigshafen, Germany

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours 50 minutes.

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Tilo wrote: It was my third Bruce Springsteen concert and I just wish there will be a lot more to come!!! For me Bruce is with me since the early 80ies and his songs inspired my life since then. In his lyrics he expresses the feelings I have inside. Just take "If I should fall behind" - one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. I just want to say: Stay as your are Bruce and hope to see you soon!!! Thanks for everything.

Peter Aschenbrenner wrote: After seeing Berlin in October last year, it was hard to believe that he can top this show, but ... as you can imagine - he did it! The show was fabulous with a wonderful setlist and a fantastic E Street Band! Everybody was in such a good shape that it was really a pleasure to watch them. Ramrod was a killer-song with a piano-solo from Roy of about 3-4 minutes (where the other band members left the stage and came back after 3-4 minutes behind Roy). Bruce was running and jumping very often, Clarence lost a lot of weight and Max was perfect as always. During Empty Sky and Missing the show dropped a little bit. Unfortunately he changed the setlist, because on the setlist was Devil, but they played Glory Days.

The sound was very good, the screens also and the show was completely sold out - approximately 40.000 people. Next stop for me: Gelsenkirchen!

Reinhart Kotzsch wrote: Bruce has come back now to Germany. But I bought tickets in advance for Gelsenkirchen and Hamburg, but not for this show. Yesterday night I got "the FEVER" and decided to attend one more - the first one in Germany scheduled in Ludwigshafen - although I really dislike "open airs" in May. After all these past live experiences in US, Europe and my home country, I can not to think anymore, that Bruce & The E-Street-Band never can become better on stage than like the last performance I just visited. Now six hours have passed away, I am tired and a little bit drunk of everything, soI must write a comment at once. This show was sooooooooooo great, that I could not believe it. Not only, because they played some of my alltime favorites of mine I unfortunately never have been attended live before - like "Candy?s Room", "Spirit In The Night" or "Racing In The Streets". .... but everybody on stage had fire on fingertips for more than two and a half hour. Now I will believe finally, that Bruce and his gang - by the way this time without Patti again - also in Germany do not only play for the masses. They first of all play for the real fans, who have been loving them for five, ten and perhaps twenty-five years (like me))) . I seemed that plenty of dreams came true this night. Everybody danced, many kissed.....the whole crowed was sooooooo happy. So I feel again, that it is my duty:-) to visit as many Springssteen concerts as I can afford.

Stephan Morys wrote: Well the concert is more then 2 weeks ago but I wasn't able to find the right words for this great show (I'm 16,a fan of Bruce since I'm born, Ludwigshafen was my first show).

My dad and Me had Some wishes on The Setlist - but apart from Because the Night they all came true. The band play really fantastic, the BOSS was in a very good mood (hangin' downwards on the microphone holder etc.) it was just great. It was not raining as in paris but "waitin' on a sunny day" brought it up to the point. This show will be hardly topable (apart from the BOSS himself).

I'd like to go to munich, but my dad disallows :(. So I hope Everyone who's waitin' for a show I hope you can say after the concert "All my dreams have come true.."


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