2003-04-18, The Corel Center, Ottawa, Canada

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 50 minutes.
"I'm on Fire" is a tour premiere.

Eyewitness accounts

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Josh Moon wrote: A "Good Friday" revival. Full house and full sound. It was my fourth concert of the modern era of the E-Street Band (ie. since they rejoined and started touring again. Had seen Tampa, Toronto, Buffalo since 1999 with Buffalo being part of the Rising tour. Bruce was simply the best I had seen him in any of those four concerts. Lots of energy. Two stage slides. One real collision with Clarence (and Clarence went down real hard but didn't miss a note). The Ottawa Crowd hadn't seen Bruce in 22 years and he gave a full out 25 song, 2 hour and 50 minutes show that left them breathless. Not quite the old Civic Centre with only 2,000 patrons but he made it seem like we were all on the Jersey Shore in a small bar as he started up with "I'm on Fire" and "Grow'in Up". I don't think I have heard those tow in concert at all. A truly magical night.

Marty Lorio wrote: The last time Bruce and the boys played Ottawa was January 1981. After 22 long years the crowd at the Corel Center was ready for an E-Street assault ! Bruce and the boys came out swinging and almost three hours later they sent the faithful home breathless with memories to last a lifetime. Mostly recovered from his cold and with a little more jump in his legs Bruce audibled "Growin' up" to the delight of thousands. "I'm on fire" was also fanatastic. Disaster averted, a funny moment occured during "Ramrod" when The Boss and The Big Man got tangled up and hit the Deck. Without missing a beat and rolling to his knees, Clarence belted out his sax portion of the song! The "Detroit Medley" really had the crowd jumping ! Bruce and the boys whipped the crowd into a frenzy song after song finally closing up with "Dancing in the dark". Bruce promised the 18,500 faithful they wouldn't have to wait another 22 years. After the bands "heart breaking, air-conditioner shaking" legendary performance all in attendance would say amen !!!


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