2003-05-19, Estadio De La Comunidad, Madrid, Spain

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours. Elliot Murphy guests on "Better Days" and "Born to Run". Jon Landau is on stage for "Dancing in the Dark", and Max Weinberg's daughter plays keyboards on "Ramrod".

Eyewitness accounts

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Javier Andr wrote: What a show! I don?t really know if it?s because of our jumping, shouting and singing every lyric, every guitar or keyboard riff, or every solo, but Bruce and the band really did seem to be having a terrific time here in Madrid. He spent 3 hours of virtually nonstop high energy rockand rolling showmanship, doing the cowboy dance in Cadillac Ranch, even hanging upside down from his microphone stand during Waitin? on a sunny day (how did he do it?), we were treated to a marathonlike Darlington County, after having had the pleasure of watching Jon Landau trying to dance during Dancin?in the dark!
Better Days was awesome, and I loved every second of My love will not let you down (my favourite from his concert here back in 99, pity they didn?t also play Loose ends).
Stevito, as he was introduced was great, and so was everybody. I seem to remember that he changed the lyrics during Cadillac ranch, hey little girlie in the blue jeans so tight, riding alone through the MADRID night, We also saw the band disappear during Ramrod only to come back harder and stronger, and yes Bruce we did know what time it was, but we didn?t want to go to (as he said) la casa, cos it?s taken you 4 years to come back to Madrid! We want Bruce back here asap (right now maybe?) We definitely will be seeing you soon!


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