2003-06-22, Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours, 15 minutes.

One of the longest shows on the tour and despite no tour premieres, it's one of the most unique setlists so far.

"Growin Up" is played in a full-band version for the first time in Europe since 1975.

Eyewitness accounts

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Andr? Fosse wrote: What a show, what a show, what a show.

Better than London, yes, the second night as well, even better than Manchester (that's a tough one to beat), far better than Oslo (even though I managed to bring my mum to the front row, center.) The audience was terriffic, Bruce, Clarence and... yes, you know the names, they were all great. Best version of Darlington County I have ever heard (thanks Clarence and Soozie). Did I mention we got Growing up? Full band version? 3 hours and 15 minutes. I could go on telling you about this show for hours but I'll save some space for the rest of you. I'm gonna take a month-long vacation in the stratosphere. Thanks to the sweetest little girl called Sanna for great company on first row.

I hate to tell you this but the Swedish audience, best there is, and I'm from Norway.

Lars Petersson wrote: Absolutely amazing shows at Ullevi Stadium. The best I?ve seen Bruce & the band since 1981. The absolute highlight both nights was an incredible "Twist & Shout" but lots of other highlights: the Detroit Medley, Racin? in the street, 7 Nights to Rock, Waitin? on a sunny day a.o. Also fantastic versions of Thunder Road and BTR.

Peter Nilsson wrote: The show on Saturday I knew was gonna be the best show I?ve ever seen, and I was right. No Big suprises (I was sure Twist&Shout would be in the list before, thanks to the 1985 shows), but each song was played in the best way, and the sound was amazing and the band rocked, which is an understatement!

I asked myself after the concert, if it can be better? And it could!!! What a setlist on sunday, I cried when I heard Roy begin playing Racing.....

The question is can it be better?

Marianne Riltoft wrote: I attended both shows and they were so fantastic that when I think about those nights they seem UNREAL. 18 years ago the Ullevi Stadium was very close to collapse during Bruces concerts. I know - I was there! Never thought that I would experience anything better than that special concert. But the two concerts last weekend were even better. By the end of the Sunday concert the crowd urged Bruce and Band to come back on stage to do Twist & Shout a 2nd time! 27 fantastic songs, many of them old favorites of mine. I'll never forget these nights! THANK YOU BRUCE AND THE E-STREET BAND, I LOVE YOU ALL. Bruce is for sure the best live artist ever!!!

H?kan Tendell wrote: Standing on the pitch this time, I enjoyed my first Springsteen concert inside a stadium. Marvellous. Also very special moment when Bruce sang Empty Sky and we in the crowd sang with him with almost whispering voices.
The grande and everlasting finale, Twist and Shout, was the best rock experience I've ever had (and I have seen many concerts with Stones, Bowie and U2 et cetera, so I can really compare).


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