2003-06-25, Ernst-Happel Stadium Sale, Vienna, Austria

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 50 minutes.

"Incident on 57th Street" is played with the full band for the first time ever in Europe.

"Roll Over Beethoven" has never been played in concert before by Bruce and the E Street Band.

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Elfi McLachlan wrote: I am fairly certain that 40,000 Austrians will agree with me that what they saw in Vienna`s Ernst Happel Stadium on the night of June 25th was the best rock show ever played in their country. Bruce paid homage to his host country when he and the band walked on to the stage to the sound of Mozart music! He also talked about being glad to perform in the country where so much great music was written - and he played "Roll Over Beethoven" as another reference to Austria`s reputation as a musical country. Roy Bittan even donned a traditional Austrian felt hat, complete with Edelweiss, when he played his piano solo at the end of Ramrod! A comment on Austrian food came after the first set of encores, when Bruce told the audience that he wanted to go back to the hotel for some beer and Wiener Schnitzel!

"Incident on 57th Street", played for the first time ever in the full band version in Europe, was magical. I sadly missed "You`re Missing", but was rewarded with a haunting "River" version. If I contrast the "Rising" concert I saw in London last October at Wembley Arena with this stadium show, it becomes obvious that Bruce thrives on big crowds and grows with the challenge to motivate immense numbers of fans to be much more exhausted than he himself is at the end of a three hour show. When he told last night`s audience to "get your Austrian asses out of your seats", they did exactly what they were told!

To sum it all up, another fantastic show, and Bruce, you have, for the umpteenth time, rekindled the fire in me! THANK YOU!


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