2003-06-28, San Siro, Milan, Italy

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours, 5 min.

"Follow That Dream" is a tour premiere. "Rosalita" is played in Europe for the first time since 1985 and for the only second time on the tour.

Eyewitness accounts

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Sam Vaughan wrote: I can say without hesitation that the Milan fans are something quite special!! The stadium middle tier stand I was privileged to part of was 'ROCKING' and i mean that literally. The chanting, the singing, the dancing was as good as I could of hoped for. A truly wonderful experience!!

The show itself was memorable although I wouldn't say it was the best of the tour so far (Bruce appeared tired).

Magical moments - The lights during Darkness, the crowd's reaction on hearing the opening of 'The River'. Bruce trying to find the 'G' for 'Who'll Stop the Rain', the whole of 'Growin Up' and although I don't speak a word of Italian, clearly the locals found Bruce's mid song story very funny :-) I can only assume it was something special for them... 'Follow that Dream' - what can you say!?!? I heard it during the soundcheck and goosebumps appeared, during the show it was beautiful and again done especially for the Milanese people..

Finally 'Rosalita' Oh my gosh!! I went ballistic when I heard the opening few notes, not sure the Milan crowd really understood how important this song was as the reaction from them was not as incredible as the say BITUSA songs.

Lots will be said of the rain.. It was torrential at times and the natural light show courtesy of the storm only added to the hot atmosphere within the San Siro.

All in all a wonderful night of music, an experience that has to be seen to be believed, I kid you not the San Siro faithful are fantastic, really passionate about Bruce and the Band... Should you ever get another chance to catch Bruce in Milan, remortgage the house, sell the wife or indeed do whatever, just be there!!

DB wrote: I went all the way from Scotland to Milan and it was really worth the trip. Brilliant atmosphere, crazy fans who whooped and hollered all night long, hats of to the best!

Great start to the set, introduced to the strains of Once Upon a Time In the West and straight into the Promised Land. Darkness was brilliant, Wating on a Sunny Day in a downpour and Bruce in a big cowboy hat.

A fantastic Rosalita(first time for me since 4th July 1985 at Wembley Stadium)

The rain nearly stopped but the lightning never gave up and the stadium was really something to behold.

Simply memorable, even if the band looked every so slightly tired they just never know when to give up!

Marco Lunari wrote: Bruce was not as brilliant as he was in Florence or in Bologna: probably he was tired. Futhermore the acoustic was quite bad. Despite this, the concert was simply great: San Siro Stadium was nearly full (60.000 people) and the people was very hot. Also because it was an anniversary: 20 years ago (21 june 1983) Bruce played in Milano and for the first time in Italy and it was one of his best show ever. I think that he rembered that night and, also because was the last european date, he wanted to make a great concert. And of course he did. I suppose that was for this reason that he played some rarities like Rosie and Follow that dream and a lots of hits like Thunder road , Growin up and Darkness .

The biggest problem (at least for all the guys in the middle of the stadium: the terraces were covered) was the rain: while Buce was singing Empty sky the sky was full of clouds and the first drops of rain begun to fall. During the river it started to rain and while Bruce was singing the first lines of waitin on a sunny day ( It s rainin but there ain t a cloud in the sky ) the rain fall harder. Bruce played Who ll stop the rain : I ever wished to hear that song but I could not enjoy it because the rain was so hard that I could hardly take my eyes open. After that thanks to God the rain stopped but we were all drenched to the bones.

Well, what else? A really great version of My city of ruins : when Bruce came to the first refrain all the stadium sung with him come on, rise up but the crowd begun singing come on very softly like a whisper and ended with a rise up that sounded like a roar, and every time It growed louder and stronger but always really in tune. I ve seen Bruce s expression: he seemed to be stroked and this gave him the hint for a very emotionally performance.

Last but non least the ?ciliegina sulla torta?: ROSALITA!!! I didn t belive it! After all this time I was hearing again Bruce singing this masterpiece! FANTASTICO!

Sam Vaughan is right when he says that many people didn t realize how important is this song. But it was because there were many young gals (19-25 years) that don t know the first Bruce s songs. (in Florence beside me there was a man that had never heard Kitty s back !): believe me, a lot of us kows what Rosie means.

P.S.: in Florence Bruce played Tougher than the rest because it was his weddubng anniversary. Of course he dedicated the song to Patty.

Gabriele Lanfranco wrote: the show began at 8.15 sharp. it was scheduled to begin at 8.30, but in milan for the summer outdoor concerts there is a curfew of 11 pm. i think bruce would have started even sooner (at 7.50 everything was ready on stage) but there were a lot of people still entering the place. show ran for 3 exact hours (will bruce pay a fine for playing over the curfew?). it was evident that bruce wanted to play more after rosalita, but basically they forced him off stage. he was still thanking the crowd and already there was the "miracle" acosutic video playing on the screens.

the show began with the pre-recorded intro of Ennio Morricone "Once Upon a Time in the West", as the band were walking on stage one by one. bruce just said 1.2.3. > and we were off to the Promised land. one of the cooler concert beginnings I ever saw.

rain began during empty sky. during the river it had turned into a real thunderstorm. bruce put on a white cowboy hat before sunny day (he took it from the audience, i think to cover the radio mike) and sang the whole song running on the swings, under the storm. when bruce sang "it's raining but there aint a cloud in the sky" he looked to the sky and then winked to the audience. the audience, who were beginning to run away from the lawn to seek shelter from the storm, got mad and returned en masse to the field. singing and dancing in the rain!!!!
lighter rain went on for the whole show.

the sound was awful for the first 2-3 songs. they got it right during "darkness", but then the storm (complete with thunders and lightning, and heavy wind) ruined it. it took a lot of time to re-adjust it. they re-got it right during "worlds apart". i think the water and humidity ruined the radio mikes. 4 example: clarence had problems all night, even bruce mike was fucking up big time. anyway, from badlands onwards the sound was ok.

bruce speech before "empty sky" (in italian): "it's great to be back in san siro after all these years, for the first time since 1985. I hope they've been good years for you".

bruce speech during "growing up" (in italian): "so here I am in 1985, playing for the first time in italy, and I see in front of me thousands of crazy italians screaming bruce-bruce-bruce. and I just can't believe it. that was the beginning of our love affair. we've really grown up together. it's good to be back, it's like coming back home." (people around me were crying. I have goose bumps writing this).

follow that dream: "a song for milano".

bobby jean: people crying, incredible arm-waving in the field. like in the BTR 1985 video.

bruce before city of ruins: we'll be back soon.

bruce before ditd: he thanks the crew of the euro tour, and spells all their names at incredible speed.


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