2003-07-18, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours, 5 min.

Garland Jeffreys guests on "96 tears".

Eyewitness accounts

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Scooter wrote: My Second Bruce Show. I was blown away from the versions of Mary's Place and No Surrender. Best Show i've see so far I Was 12 years old. I'll never Forget it.

ICEMAN wrote: What A Great Show. People Say That He Didn't Play Alot Of Favorites but it doesn't matter it was still a great set. The whole concert started great with "whole stop the rain" under the pouring rain was genius. And with "Mary's Place" he was all over the place. "Detroit Medley" was a big suprise i'm only sixteen I don't have a big story to tell when I saw this when I was 12. But this was probably one of the best shows of the tour. I'm just pist I was born at the wrong time. I would do anything to see a "Darkness Show" or a "River Show" or a "USA" Set. All I Have is tons of bootlegs.

Tim Schiltz wrote: This was a pilgramage for me. I toured the Jersey shore on Thursday prior to attending the Friday evening show, just to add ambiance to my trip. You see, I came from Minneapolis to see the show. Muslims go to Mecca. I go to Jersey to see the Pope of Rock and Roll.

This show was just phenomenal. The rain added to the ambiance. The setlist was awesome. I felt like a little kid. The enthusiasm standing outside the stadium was overwhelming. From the very first note, till he left the stage I was just overwhelmed. To be surrounded by 55,000 fans like myself was just crazy. I wish the night would never had ended. I apologize for not talking about the show and all the great songs, but I'm guessing those who read these postings realize that no matter what is played you can only be excited. I've read people complaining that he didn't play their favorite songs, but for someone who came a thousand miles to see the "man", he could have played the opening to Sesame Street and I would have stood and cheered like a 15 year old girl at an N'Sync show. This show was my sixth show from solo shows to the full band and there is nothing like seeing Bruce in the "Promised Land". I only wish every true fan had the opportunity to see him in Jersey. There is nothing like it and no matter what is played the experience is unforgettable.

I walked away from the show with a re-energized feeling and can only wait eagerly for my next trip to the "Promised Land". To all those who will be seeing him over the next few months: Savor the moment and enjoy as much as I did.

"CrazyWolf" wrote: WOW! WOW! I had my doubts about attending the stadium shows, but Bruce immediately dispelled any reservations I had about seeing a mediocre performance.

Singing, "left us running burned and blind, chasing something in the night" amidst the falling rain was a beautiful and chilling moment. She's the One was heart-stopping and intense--love that song. Racing in the Street was sheer poetry.

Love the Rising material more and more. Lonesome Day is great to sing along to and Worlds Apart, Into the Fire and City of Ruins are goregous songs.

What can I say? He's great! He's playing his heart out and giving all of us some of the best rock 'n' roll shows we'll ever see. Bruce and the E Street Band are without a doubt the best performance out there. Giant Stadium feels as intimate as a backyard party. Wish he'd play a month in Jersey.

"Long Timer" wrote: In a single word I would sum up the show as disappointing. Keep in mind I've been seeing his shows for more than 20 years so my criticism is not from a Johnny come lately. Poor sound, a bad set list, no Thunder Road, Promised Land or Prove it all Night, made it a disappointing night. Add the rain, bad transitions between songs and you have a performance that was well below par. I would suggest to Bruce that he needs to remember he is playing in Jersey and needs to keep songs like Backstreets, 10th Ave, Fever, Fire, Because the Night, Incident on 57th, Kitty's Back etc. in the mix.

Trev Jones wrote: Well what is there left for me or anyone else to say about a Bruce Springsteen and the E.
Street Band gig?.

Well here goes,It was my wifes 50th birthday so what other way to celebrate then to take her to see the Boss on his home turf in New Jersey as we live in England it was a little difficult in getting tickets but we managed and boy can I tell you all the hard work was without doubt worthwhile.

We had done a couple of show's in the UK and they had been outstanding but what we got in Jersey was unbelivable.

The atmosphere on the "Boardwalk" outside the stadium just set the concert up properly it was great to see the car park's full of people withBar-B-Q's going and the having a great time with a few beers and some rock -n-roll music playing (this never happens outside a concert in England).

Concert time arrived and the rain started to get heavier(now this does happen in England) when the Boss arrived on stage and started to sing Who'll Stop the Rain that was it I knew it was going to be one of the great nights the pace of the show once again was terrific (how he does it I will never know ) everyone was having a great time dancing and singing along from the word go.

How can one man have so many show stopping songs under his belt it is unreal and probably breaks the hearts of other so called rock stars.

There were many stand out songs on the night Badlands,Into the Fire,Mary's Place this ones turning into a real gem, No Surrender, Racing in the Street, Rosalita and to see him do Born To Run with the house lights on in the Giants stadium it was just amazing and something I will remember forever.

If it were at all possible I would love to be there for the rest of the nights but unfortuately it is not going to happen so anyone reading this review and hesitating about catching a Bruce Springsteen and The E.Street Band gig don't!! just go and you will see the last great Rock band performing and if ever a man was born to Rock then his name is Bruce Springsteen.

He Always thanks us for coming to the show well Bruce, Steve, Clarence, Roy, Danny, Nils, Garry, Max, Patti and Suzie I and 55,000 other in East Rutherford on that wet but very special friday night thank you a million times for the oppourtunity to see you enjoying yourselves and letting us have the chance to hear your
music as it should be heard.

See You Futher on Up The Road!

Kyle Pucciarello wrote: Sitting in the parking lot prior to the show was not exactly one of the most comfortable experiences ever, but the die-hards knew that it would be worth it for one thing - the song Bruce would open the show with.

And after strolling out to Old Blue Eyes again, the band ripped into Creedence Clearwater's "Who'll Stop the Rain," well worth getting soaked.

After the standard "Rising" "Lonesome Day" combo, the band kicked into an incredible version of "The Ties that Bind," followed by "My Love Will Not Let You Down." Bruce was certainly in top form tonight!

But the biggest surprise thus far had to be the incredible "Something in the Night," a true rarity from the Boss.

"You're Missing" was dropped after "Empty Sky," and "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" moved right in - this actually worked a little better for the rainy, stadium atmosphere.

The next four songs back to back had to be one of the best rock moments of the stand to that point, with an incredible quadruple shot of "You Can Look," "World's Apart," "Badlands," and the show stopping "She's the One." Although "Out in the Street" works incredible well as a stadium sing-a-long, there may not be a song Bruce does live that tops the hard-pounding rendition of "She's the One."

"Mary's Place" was followed by yet another highlight, the rare yet beautiful "Racing in the Street." The song's three minute closing instrumental is one of the more touching moments in rock 'n' roll, as the whole band unites for an incredible sound and effect.

The main set ending similarly to the first two shows, but did not include "Thunder Road."

And then, it got even better! In what was possibly the greatest encore of the stand, Bruce whipped out "Cadillac Ranch" to start, followed by the ? and the Mysterians hit "96 Tears" with special guest Garland Jeffreys.

"Bobby Jean" followed, and then "Glory Days" made it's first appearance of the stand to audience satisfaction. "Born to Run" time? Not yet. Bruce and the band cut into a short but great "Detroit Medley," followed by the rock anthem.

The second encore proved to be the same as the first two nights, but was not a let down. "Rosie" and "Dancing" still brought the house down, and "My City of Ruins" continued to be a tear jerker.

The one real problem has to "Land of Hope and Dreams," a song that Bruce has played every night since the Reunion Tour. Although some may real like the song, it tends to drag quite a bit and just isn't the type of song that can be played night after night. If Bruce wants to make his public service announcement, that's perfectly fine, but follow it up with a rocking "Born in the USA" or something to that fashion. That would certainly add an extra jolt to the final encore.

Otherwise, Friday night's show was undoubtedly the best of the opening trio. What would Monday bring?

Mark wrote: All I can say is WOW!!! the rarities just kept comin!!! When they opened with who'll stop the rain, i knew it would be a great show. the encores were out of control...a great show!!!


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