2003-07-24, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours.

"Streets of Fire" is played for the only second time on the tour.

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Tom Cantillon wrote: The shows are moving along much too quickly; 5 of them done already. Some nice surprises last night: Streets of Fire was hauntingly intense and it was great to hear She's the One again--never get tired of that song and Bruce and band are playing it with more ferocity and more of a true blues riff/feel that far surpasses the reunion tour version!

Great double shot of Meeting and Jungleland. Out beneatht the stars on a summer night, Jungleland is, although heartbrealking and hauntingly apocalyptic, overwhelmingly beautiful at the same time.

A rocking, cajun-country reve up of Working on the Highway was a treat and Sandy was definitely nice to hear. Can he rock any harder on Prove it? Blistering version--Bruce and Max are out of control on that one. Waiting for Incident and Price You Pay.

Kyle Pucciarello wrote: Reuniting with Tom Cantillon (of Greasy Lake review fame) for our third show of the run together was something I was very much looking forward to. Unfortunately I was not feeling too well with a bad stomach bug. However, I took my Pepto Bismol and I stuck it out, ready to take whatever Bruce had to offer (as long as it didn't rain again).

And finally we had a dry night! "The Promised Land" kicked open the festivities, with the usual "Rising" and "Lonesome Day" following it up.

But then possibly the biggest surprise of the run was played - "Streets of Fire!" For only the second time since the Darkness tour this gem was played with incredible intensity, just the way I had hoped when both Tom and I requested it in a letter to Bruce.

"My Love" was next with Max's incredible drumwork at the forefront. "Prove it all Night" was next, with a new guitar solo at the end where Bruce, Little Steven and Nils Lofgren all jam together until the song's end.

After the predictable but still enjoyable "Empty Sky" + "Waitin'" combo, the crowd was treated to another surprise - "Working on the Highway." But this was a little different, with Clarence appearing in washboard as well as an incredible violin solo from Soozie at song's end.

After "Worlds" and "Badlands," we once again got the blistering "She's the One," which is always a concert favorite of mine. The harmonica solo at the end of the song is an incredible addition to the song, making it an absolute gem to hear.

"Mary's Place" was fun as usual, but would be no match for what would come after. Garry W. Tallent brought out the standup bass for the rare "Meeting Across the River," which of course signals for "Jungleland" directly after - absolutely stunning.

The main set then closed as it had been with "Into the Fire" leading into a great "No Surrender." The end of song is electrifying with Bruce and Nils squaring off for a guitar solo, and then Max's great drum work and the guitars breaking the song down to a close.

"Sandy" opened up the first encore as a real treat, followed by the incredible "Ramrod" and "Born to Run."

The second encore was the same as it has been, and was the only disappointment (if you could even call it that). Changing the final encore up a little bit each night would not be a bad idea. Of course he is playing to the fans who have tickets to only the one show, and not just the die-hards who have tickets to each show, but switching them up would not be a bad idea. It amazes me how he never gets tired of the same four songs, especially the dragging and lacking "Land of Hope and Dreams." But, on a high note, the closing duo of "Rosie" and "Dancing" continue to be impressive and energetic.

Show number five shows that Bruce just gets better and better. And now comes the first real weekend shows...


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