2003-08-01, Gilette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours.

"Mystery Train" is dedicated to the late Sam Phillips. It has never been done by Bruce & the E Street Band in concert before in a full version.

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Dave Powers wrote: Now this was a show. best I have seen since at least '78...great set list, much better sound this time (better seats help). Fog shrouded Gillette stadium took on an ethereal glow as the night went on. Mystery train, and Ramrod made the stadium feel like it was gonna tumble down. Little Stevie born in Boston? Non stop through the first five songs. What energy...note to the guy sitting next to me who kept yelling for 'the good stuff' it's ALL good stuff. By the time we got to that killer version of Dancin in the Dark, ( a song I never really liked, but boy is this version great), I was exhausted. After an hours worth of encores HE still looked ready to rock.

Tom Cantillon wrote: After the 7 Nights to Rock in Jersey, I wasn't sure what to expect, but after braving traffic from Jersey all the way to Foxboro, it was definitely worth it. Bruce and band ripped into Promised Land, The Rising and Prove it. But it was during Darlington County that I think everything really just fell into place and made for a very powerful, focused and rockin' show, one of the best of this tour.

Backstreets was passionately performed and backing it with Into the Fire and No Surrender made for one of the most intense, poetic, heartbreaking, rocking moments of the tour. Together, they are a powerful trio that work so well and should be played more often in that sequence.

Encore time: Unbelievable! One of the strongest, most overwhelming encore sets I've seen. Started things off with a rollicking, country-tinged Mystery Train, dedicated to Sam Phillips, followed by a party-time Tenth Ave. and Ramrod. Next, came one of those moments you hope turns up on cd somewhere. As Bruce finished a blistering Born to Run, he kept the band holding the final note as he stood there, clutching his guitar and shaking his head, urging the band to maintain that intensity until he was ready to launch into an over-the-top performance of Seven Nights!! Amazing! One of those completely, awe-inspiring moments of a Springsteen concert. Great show from start to finish. Focused, intense, powerful and celebratory all at once.

Bodily wrote: Man oh man oh man.

This was to be my 5th Springsteen show, first seeing him in Boston back in '99 during the Reunion Tour. (I was born only a year before BITUSA actually came out) Anyway, I was thrilled to be going to both Gillette shows, following up an amazing heart-stopping performance in Providence back in March that I felt might not ever be rivalled. I had a ticket with my friend's brother up on the second deck the first night and my tickets for the next night were just a hop and a skip below those, in the lower section.

Little did I know, however, as I laced up my boots and wrapped my head in my bandana and Red Sox hat, that my ticket in the upper deck was no longer mine.

I called my friend's cell, and he told me there had been a change of plans. "Yea, your ticket is going to my bro." Oh, I thought, at least I'll be going tomorrow night... not all is lost. And then my friend said something I thought I'd never hear, ever. "Yea, you're coming down into the pit with me and my cousin." HOLY @#(%& !~@(# &!(#& ! #(&% &!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was still in shock as we went through the gates and onto the field where in just a month or so I would be watching my beloved Patriots battle it out on the gridiron... I was still in shock as I walked past row upon row of seats streaming across the floor of the stadium, knowing that somehow, I was lucky enough to have even better seats then they... I was still in shock as I looked up, came to, and saw merely ten feet in front of me, the microphone, covered in protective plastic (the elements were in splendid form for this one...) where Bruce Springsteen would soon be playing.

As the first notes on the harmonica rang out at the beginning of "Promised Land", I knew we were in for a hard rocking night, or what felt like seven for that matter. The Band freight-trained their way through some of my most favorites, like "No Surrender", "Darlington County", and what I felt was the highlight of the show, "Backstreets." Bruce was amazingly loose, joking about the fog on "Ramrod". "Stevie, is it quittin' time yet? I can't see shit!!" Donning Clarence's hat, hanging from the mic stand, and flirting shamelessly with Patti. On three separate occassions Bruce pointed directly at my friends and I, making eye contact. Certainly made us feel like we were doing our part as fans, giving our all to feed back to Bruce what we were so lucky to take from him. All in all, what a couple of nights. And though I didn't have pit tix for Saturday's show, I wasn't any less into or satisfied. Bruce, I guess, is just like that.

Mark wrote: This was my second Boss concert and I was dissapointed. That pains me to admit that but that is how I feel. I had seats, at literally, the back-top of the stadium. I felt so far away from the show that it put a damper on things. I was one of the many taking bathroom breaks during the SEVERAL slow songs he played. I should have listened to The Rising though before seeing this show. To be fair, though, there were several memorable performances and people generally seemed to enjoy themselves. I will never again see a concert from so far away.


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