2003-08-08, Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours.

Tour premiere of the full band "Lost in the Flood"

Eyewitness accounts

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Tommy Boy wrote: As usual, Bruce and the boys provided their fans with three hours of "the best house party in the land." However, I don't think Philly was a very good host. The fact that at least two local radio stations were playing Bruce A-Z all weekend would lead one to believe this was going to be a very special show. As it turns out, Bruce wound up wasting twenty-five songs on a lifeless stadium full of stiffs.
Never before have I seen the Boss play to a crowd so much with so little return. As he coaxed the fans with repeated "c'mon Philly" pleas during an awesome "Out in the Street" the Philadelphians were barely able to stop yawning long enought to respond. Later, during the usually epic rendition of Mary's Place, Bruce once again attempted to arouse the masses and eventually backed off, commenting to Clarence that this wasn't the Philly that he knew.

Great show. Crappy crowd.

Ray C. wrote: Bruce and the boys came up with another classic performance to open Lincoln Finacial Field to concerts in Philly. Bruce put his special green Philly shirt("if you see a picture of me with this shirt, you know I was in Philly") and jammed the night away with great classics like Sherry Darling, Out In The Streets, Promised Land while the best surprise being Lost in The Flood with the full band behind him. Worth the price of admission itself to even the hardcore fan. The songs from the Rising are sounding better than ever and you can tell Bruce and the band are having fun doing them. Keep going guys, you still got it.

Dawz wrote: I can't think of a better show to kick off the opening of the new Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. What an honor for The City of Brotherly Love to have Bruce for their first act!

Although I'm a former Jersey Girl ( and I have to admit the the crowd was more responsive at my last show in Giants Stadium on 7/21) the Philly show ROCKED! Bruce pulled out all the stops with his tried and true set list, plus some neat twists like Sherry Darling and Seven Days A Week. His gospel-esque intro of the band during Mary's Place, was funny and heartfelt at the same time and he went out of his way to play up to the Philadelpia crowd, by saying things like he wore his special green sequined shirt in honor of the Eagles (whose home stadium he was opening). Bruce seemed to shine through as the nice guy that all his fans claim he is and even gave a wave and a casual hello to waiting fans as he exited the backstage area into his car (the stadium is set up so that one section can see the opening of the stage on the side and I was lucky enough to be there as he left).

All in all, this show was definitely on par with the Jersey date I saw and thought nothing would rival. Fans around me still thought there was too much emphasis on The Rising songs and wanted more classic stuff, but it's such an amazing album that how can he not play it? One surprising absence to note though was no Atlantic City or Streets of Philadelphia which just beg to be played in this venue. Still, I don't know how he does it night after night--the energy, and pure joy he shows on stage were absolutely contagious. I'm counting the days till my next show on 8/31 back in N.J.!

"Tenthaveneuedawkins" wrote: This show was opened up the new stadium with real boss class. The crowd was into it the whole way-even during some of the lesser known Rising songs. This was the best Ramrod to date and I can't understand why Sherry Darling is not an everynight song. Bruce shows that he has the best rock and roll show ever with his passion, antics and music. Rightous!

Kyle Pucciarello wrote: - He opened up the show using the old Esquire...possibly wants it to be in
every venue he's every played in? (just a thought)

- The green LSD shirt was also worn and he commented on it before Empty
Sky...something to the effect of he only wears it in Philly, and if you ever
see a picture of him in that shirt, then you know it must be Bruce in Philly

- Bruce was loser than I've ever seen him during a great version of Sherry Darling. He was dancing all around, took out some maracas and danced with them; it was really a lot of fun.

- Lost in the Flood very well may have been the best live song I've ever
heard...it was so incredibly powerful and the best I've heard it on any studio
or boot or anything...it was just absolutely mind-boggling

- Ramrod also worked very well as usual the chemistry on stage between Bruce and Steve is great to watch and something no one can ever bore of.

- At the end of Born to Run, Bruce made the band hold that final note for what seemed to be 5 minutes, but was probably only about 1 or 2...but it was great because the crowd was so energetic as the band went into...

- Seven Nights to Rock was also great as usual...seems like more fans are
learning the lyrics and it was the best audience reaction I've seen (out of the
3 times I've heard it live)

Karen wrote: The first concert on friday night was great. Bruce did lesser known songs off the river like Sherry darling and Out in The Streets. He also did My Love Will Not Let You Down. I have to admit that the crowd was out of it though. The sound also left a lot to be desired. His commentary was muffled and lyrics inaudiable. But still a great show.

John Grosso wrote: Any apprehension I had on whether Bruce would be able to play a stadium venue was quickly dismissed the second Bruce counted-off, reached into his back pocket, and started into 'Promised Land' with a beautiful harmonica note.

A truly wonderful opening track, which followed the 1963 Orions hit 'South Street' over the PA system.

Both 'The Rising' and 'Lonesome Day' came across very strong in the new home of the Philadelphia Eagles. Overall, the sound was excellent - strong, clear and loud - a vast improvement from the 1985 Vet Stadium shows.

I was a little disappointed in the selection of 'My Love Will Not Let You Down', until the band simply gave this song their all. Max, in particular, was very strong on this one.

'Something in the Night' was remarkable. A stellar performance of a very under-rated song. Bruce's vocals hung in the air, and every note, esp. the near-ending guitar part was perfect!!!!!! The performance of this song alone was well worth the price of admission.

Next treat - 'Sherry Darling'. Came across very well - loose, but the band's timing was perfect, and it definetly appeared Bruce was enjoying playing this one.

I really have a mixed reaction to 'World's Apart'. First reaction is - why are we still playing this? - but, you could see towards the end of the track how it does appear Bruce and the Band enjoy performing this.

Badlands......stellar as usual. 'Out in the Street' came across very nice with a wonderful 'South Street Improv' which carried nicely into 'Mary's Place'. (I really missed the improv and lead-in on saturday).
'Mary's Place' was nailed perfectly, between Bruce, the E Street Band and the crowd.

'Lost in the Flood' (full band) was a true 'Oh, My God' moment!!!! The sound of this track just resonanted beautifully throughtout Linc Field.
Another 'Show, and in my opinion, Tour' Highlight!!!!

'No Surrender' was a nice treat to finish the main set, and again, similar to 'My Love' was nailed by the Band, esp. Max.

First Encore - both the performance and the selections were wonderful. 'Night' came across extremely well and 'Born to Run' leading into 'Seven Nights' should be done like this every night. "Seven Nights' is a classic performance.

Second Encore - pretty standard now, except, the Philly crowd was definelty anticipating 'Rosie' which opened with a bit of an old 'improv' which quickly lead into the song'. 'My machines all adone, stuck in the mud, Somewhere in the Swamps of New Jersey', probably brought the loudest cheer from the crowd all night.

A number of times throughtout the Show Bruce referenced this being the opening in 'your nice new stadium', and the couple of references to 'South Street' were really nice touches.

All in all a truly wonderful show in a beautiful new venue. Any question would be still performing 9 tracks from the Rising is a little much - 13 months after the album's release - and maybe instead of 'You're Missing', 'World's Apart' and 'Into the Fire', we could have gotten 'Further On', 'The Fuse', and how about 'Paradise'??


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