2003-08-09, Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours.

Jon Landau plays guitar on "Dancing in the Dark".

Eyewitness accounts

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Mike Mal wrote: Best Bruce show I ever saw. I scored tickets at ticketmaster in Lebanon PA that morning only 15 rows from the stage. What luck!! My wife and I ended up taking my sister and brother-in-law, 2 non Bruce beleivers, and they were hooked. Bruce rocks every time I see him but this just seemed so much better. Rosalita was the highlight for me. I had a feeling it was coming. Bruce had a great intro for that one.

Dennis wrote: 2 hours and 45 minutes of non-stop rock. Opened with "Adam Raised a Cain". Performed "Trapped". He could have played "Mary has a Little Lamb" and the place would have gone nuts! John Landau joined the group on-stage, playing guitar on "Dancing in the Dark". The stadium is great, however earliy on there was an echo that made it difficult to make out the words. That didn't matter to most as the crowd knew every word and note!!!!! Max, Miami Steve and Clarence were at the top of their game.

"Born to Run" was performed mainly by the crowd as they drowned out the band, and kept each shout true to the CD version!!!

Denny G. wrote: Have seen Bruce many times since 1975. I have to admit this show was probably in the top 5.Showing the band coming out through the back stage pre-show and watching Bruce shake hands with a disabled person you knew it was going to be a special Saturday Night. When he changed up the setlist to play TRAPPED for the banner-toting crowd in "The Pit "that was pretty wild.Tougher than the Rest along with Spirit in the Night and of course Thunder Road". 4th time I have seen him on this tour and this was the highlight so far. The Linc Satdium and the crowd was great. Continue to let it Rock, Bruce.

Karen wrote: Saturday was amazing. Opening with Adam Raised a Cain really got the crowd into from the begining. A suprising rendition on Trapped then the crowd pleasing For You. We not only for Sprirt in the Night but also She's the One. Then there was the vitually 20 minute sing-a-long with Hungry Heart, Glory Days, and Born to Run. Also Thunder Road was on the set list not even as an encore. And of course no one ever gets tired of Rosalita. The sound was 100% better too.

Curt Schroder wrote: The best outdoor Springsteen show I've ever seen! The excitement level was unmatched by anything. Bruce and "the greatest little house band in the world" put on an awsome, energetic show for three ours. We were in our seats for a grand total of two songs! Bruce really mixed up the song selection well. We were blown away when he did "For You" and "Spirit in the Night" from Greetings. He also surprised us by bringing back "Thunder Road" to close the main set before the encores. Then they came back out and did "Where the Bands Are", another rarity!

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that this show was as good and better than some indoor shows I have seen. Can't wait to go to the final show of the Phila. stand on 8/11. Bruce usually pulls out some surprises on the closing night!

Jim F. wrote: Bruce really mixed it up in Philly Saturday night. When you combine it with the fact we were in the 10th row in front of the stage, it's probably the best show I've ever seen. Being so close and seeing the band, Bruce's facial expressions and crowd play was tremendous!! Things like Bruce cracking up when some girl threw her panties and then a minute later her bra on the stage during Rosalita. We were so close, I felt like I spent Saturday night with the band!! ....and he threw in lots of new songs he hadn't in previous shows on this tour.

Cheryl wrote: First, I thought the Linc was beautiful. I had breath-taking views of the Philly skyline and Ben Franklin bridge from my section 205 seats, seriously! It took the crowd until "For You" to get into it. "Spirit" was great and the one-two punch of "Badlands and She's the One" was almost unbelievable! The sound faded in and out a little but, "there was magic in the night". Low point for me: only a hand full of people standing and fist thrusting for "Trapped". What's up with that?

Ray C wrote: Again another gem. "Adam Raised A Cain", "For You", "Trapped","Spirit In The Night" and "Shes The One" among some of the many classics done at this the second night in Philly. "The Rising" songs have already reached classic status also as far as I'm concerned. You can tell Bruce and the band love performing them! See you at night #3!


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