2003-09-13, FedEx Field, Washington, DC

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours.

"I Walk the Line" is played as a tribute to the newly deceased Johnny Cash. It's the first performance of the song by Bruce in concert.

"Paradise" is a world premiere, although it was performed live at one of the rehearsal shows in July 2002.

"Pink Cadillac" is a tour premiere having not been played since 1985.

Eyewitness accounts

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Zeke wrote: After 30+ shows, he keeps doing it to me. 4 songs that were "ZEKE premieres."

I noticed many new things that maybe were not new:

First of all we got 2 - count em 2 - knee slides.

Also 2 (that's right) reprises of Badlands.

Born to Run was extended longer.

My City of Ruins added a vocal coda.

Bruce walked out with an acoustic guitar and went right into I Walk the Line. I was expecting Give My Love to Rose, but this was even better. It started with just acoustic and the band joined in. It was sparse and mid tempo.

The Fuse made a welcomed return. The performance was fresh and intense. One of the Bruce virgins said afterwards that it was his favorite song.

Also You're Missing is so touching. It always hit me more than Empty Sky. Everything is everything but you're missing.

During the band intros Bruce said, "And it's time to impeach the president and put a big man in the Whitehouse."

My jaw dropped - then the people yelled impeach impeach - Bruce even joined in for a moment.

Human Touch was a great surprise. blistering guitar work. The cheesy keyboard from the 92 tour is gone too. One of his best.

Soozie's violin on Jungleland fulfilled a dream I've had since I heard the song. She played throughout the song.

Paradise worked better than expected in a stadium.

At the start of the encores, Bruce said "We haven't played this song in 20 years (words you love to hear)." He then switched guitars before Nils said, "I remember it." Pink Cadillac started up and was quite ragged. Then again it's about sex so that was the right way to play it. It seemed like the band was making it up.

I haven't heard Ramrod since they added the Bosstime (what time is it??) bit. I was anxious to hear it and it didn't disappoint. Bruce said "Steve, it's time for me to go. I have to return to my undisclosed location."

7 Nights to Rock should be played at every show. Maybe even last. What a fun great song.

Dick Chaney must have been at the show cause Bruce mentioned him negatively 3 times. "I like people of all parties coming to my show - except Dick Cheney."

I really wanted BIUSA but hoped for Land of Hope and Dreams too. Only got one but, BIUSA is so powerful full band. It makes for an angrier show.

He doesn't disapoint. I always want to go again.

Tom Cantillon wrote: I Walk the Line was a sincere and fitting tribute to Johnny Cash and a great way to start the show. But after that, although each performance was given it's all, it appeared that it was going to be a fairly standard show. You're Missing is far more emotionally devastating than Empty Sky and should simply replace it. The Fuse was great, but just added to the somber mood already set from the first song.

But once Bruce and band kicked into Human Touch, the entire show was catapulted to another level. A powerhouse version of Human Touch simply blew the place away and when Bruce launched into She's the One, the place just went wild! She's the One has always been one of the those songs the band best performs live and that night--it rocked with a blistering, sexual intensity and ferocious passion. Bruce needs to keep performing this one for the rest of the tour--a much-welcomed replacement to the overplayed Out In Streets.

Paradise actually worked and sounded very haunting live. Well done. Jungleland is simply Bruce and band at their best. No matter how many times you listen to the lyrics, they still have a way of hitting you like a locomotive. And those final moans of anguish from Bruce can't help but produce chills everytime. Into the Fire continues to be one of my favorites.

Encore time brings a rollicking Pink Cadillac that made you wonder why Bruce doesn't play this one more often. Ramrod, Born to Run and 7 Nights are simply a trio of hard-rocking killers--better end up on the dvd.

Having now added Born in the USA as a replacement for LHD has been one of the best decisions Bruce has made in regards to adding/removing a song. It simply makes the last set of encore songs as strong as, if not stronger than the first set--nice choice!

Great show overall and seems almost like a new show compared to earlier this summer.
Check them out if you haven't already and definitely go back if you already have seen them, because they simply keep getting better.

John Locke wrote: This is the second time I've had the priviledge of seeing Bruce in concert, and I'm much more appriciative of the man, the myth and the music.

I drove from my home in New Brighton PA, with my boy "T-man" on our way to visit with our friend David. David is a recent Naval Academy Grad, who is living in DC right now before he goes to FLA and flight school.
T-man and I saw Bruce 4-26-00 in Pittsburgh. Where Bruce Tore the roof off with Spirit in the Night, Adam Raised a Cain, Back in your Arms Again, and of course Jungleland...

Jungleland is a personal favorite of both me and the T-man, but David has just discovered the Born to Run album, and a love for the final track.

This concert was so special for me, not only because of the Johnny Cash Tribute, or bruce playing my anthem "The Promised Land" or how patriotic the 9/11 feel of the concert was, but because Bruce Played Jungleland (Especially with Soozie on Violin...)

It was like we were back on marion hill, in a dark driveway at 3am, with the radio blaring and all Jaming out to no end.... "Outside the streets are on fire..."

To My Boys, The Boss, and the Band... all I can do is say "Thank You" (also, is it just me or does Patty looked smokin hot during this tour. I was never attracted to her until Empty Sky)


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