2003-09-25, Invesco Field, Denver, CO

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours.

"Get Out of Denver" was written by Bob Seeger and has never been performed by Bruce and the E Street Band in concert before.

Brendan O'Brien plays guitar on "Rosalita".

Eyewitness accounts

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Mike B wrote: Second time around for Denver on this tour and very glad they put it in a different venue. I was worried about the stadium sound but it was as good as the Pepsi center show. Being from the home of Bob Seger and hearing the first chords of "Get Out of Denver" really set the tone. I invited my brother Tim and his wife to come in from Michigan, and it meant a lot to have them there for this magical night. Beside the music, the two best parts were the weather - a solid 75 degree day in late September (gotta love Denver!), and my wife who works her way forward at every show we go to. She caught someone leaving halfway through, grabbed their tickets and we got to the third row. She's awesome! I agree with comments about Kitty's Back - that song just gets going and rocks - and not many know it well.

Michael Carlson wrote: This is the second time I have seen Bruce and the E Street Band. The first time was 2002 in Kansas City.

The concert from start to finish was packed with energy. Bruce and the E Street Band performed about 3 hrs non-stop. I am my 2 buddies have been fans of Bruce since he came out in the mid 70's. The crowd was into the music and stood the whole 3 hrs. I have seen alot of concerts but Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are in a class of their own. Young and old were dancing in the isles. Everyone in our area were singing right along with us.

If you have never been to a Bruce Springsteen concert I would recommend you go, even if you have to go 6-8 hrs to get there. You will not be disappointed.

Stan S. wrote: What a great show! It was a long trip to get there from central and eastern Kansas. The show got started a little late, but Bruce and the gang made up for it! Starting out with 'Get out of Denver' that had the crowd on their feet and a rockin'. I would guess a little over 3 hours, only a break long enough for a drink of water.

Four stage slides, and upside down mic stand (that got a troubled look from patty), and the splits twice..What a rocker!!! Had a couple of Bruce virgins that spent primo bucks for their seats up front with us. They couldn t believe we drove 8 hours just to see Bruce....well, that was until the concert was over....then the light came on.
A great rendition of Kitty s Back on a request from an audience member. Bruce said "We don t do this song much.....but were gonna give it a try....." You gotta love to hear him say that.....two powerhouse guitar solos in that song with his 52' reissue telle. It just rocked...and showed Bruce is a talented guitar player also... Seven Nights .should be a staple of his show, it got people dancing in the isles, and I still cant get that song out of my head He finished up with Rosalita with Brendan O Brian special guest on guitar Bruce said..... You better know the chords You just better know the chords He also played on Dancing in the Dark, I hated that song when it came out, and the shined up for mainstream video, but, man oh man has Bruce got it right now! A wonderful way to finish off the evening! Me and my buds Terry and Mike are ready Bruce! Any direction North, South, East, or West, .. He rocked Denver! Can t wait to see him again!!

Mary wrote: It was a wonderful show - they all are as far as I am concerned. I have been to 8 concerts during the Rising tour and each of them has had it's own personality. Bruce and the band gave it their all in Denver, as they did in all the concerts I went to. There are always things to complain about at the concerts but I try to stay focused on the music and how I feel inside. I strive for the feeling of oneness with the crowd that Bruce and the music inspires. I don't get that feeling very often. It was wonderful to hear the old songs, the new ones and ones in between. Bruce and the others performed with such feeling. The line that stays with me is from Leap of Faith, "in your heart, you must trust". Bruce sang that line over and over with such feeling - it sure got through to me!! I felt that this concert was a little more somber than some of the others on the tour and I felt emphasis was put on the lines speaking of pain or injustice. It was also fun with many of the songs. Either way, it is inspiring to me. I appreciated the political statements that Bruce made - I feel the same way and am glad he is speaking out. These concerts have forced grief and other things out of me - that part is not fun but is healing. Bring it on... I love how I can hear a song a thousand times and will have a new thought or a new perception. I grow with the songs and the songs grow with me. I thank Bruce for putting out such heart and soul touching music all these years! Bruce and the band were outstanding performers during this tour. They are for sure heart stopping, booty shaking, earth moving, viagra taking, love making, legendary... I hate to see the tour end...

Roger wrote: WOW, but then again how often have we said that about Bruce and the E-Streeters? I think a lot of people were put off by Mile High's (Invesco) previous record for concerts (Eagles debacle) but Bruce had the house rocking and rolling. How he manages to make such a huge venue seem like 'Mary's Place' and 35,000 people seem like a neighborhood party is amazing. While there were times you could tell that his was near the end of a long and tiring tour, and midway through Bruce seemed to be struggling to keep his voice, he somehow found a second wind and really brought the house down with his encores. Rosalita has always been my personal favorite and I had seen he had been playing it a lot in encores and as they stretched on I was afraid that it was not in the cards for the night, but I was not disappointed. Neither was anyone else there.

BTW, Bruce did get a cold shoulder from some of the Denver crowd for his political statements but I heard plenty of cheers and no boos at all. Funny how the Woody Guthrie of our age has seemed to find his voice and finally speak out when we need him most.


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