2003-09-06, Fenway Park, Boston, MA

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours, 10 minutes.

"Diddy Wah Diddy" is done in concert for the first time. Bruce has often performed the song when guesting with Joe Grushecky.

"Land of Hope and Dreams" is dropped from the setlist for the first time since its debut in March 1999. The song is replaced by "Born in the USA", which is done in its full-band arrangement for the first time since the early spring.

Peter Wolf guests on "Dirty Water".

Eyewitness accounts

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Andy Slatken wrote: I just back from the show tonight. Bruce had amazing energy tonight. I've seen him 4 times on this tour...Atlanta, Duluth, 7/21/03 at Giants Stadium and Fenway Sept 6th. Clearly, this show was special in many respects. I can't recall a show that Bruce opened with a cover song other than Who Will Stop The Rain. An Beautiful version of You're Missing and the powerhouse Because the Night and the surprise of No Surrender after Badlands (which included 2 false endings). Every show that I have gone to so far has No Surrender in a different spot. This song could go anywhere in the set and be awesome. Across the Border was a pleasant treat. Ramrod was unreal and of course, the biggest suprise of the night...Born In The USA in the place of LOHAD. Powerful. All in all, a great show, great setlist, great crowd...could not ask for more...Thanks BRUCE!!!!

"Spanish Johnny" wrote: Exhaustion ! Started VERY slowly and the sound system sucked initially - but he turned it up a notch in TTTB and then absolutely blew out Because the Night (I believe it was an audible). From then on they were just en fuego !! The place loved him. There was a ton of room in the aisles and by the end of the noght, it was one huge dancefest - really. It is something I have never seen. Beautiful Park for a show. Notes ..... 1) 8:10 start time 2) he was hanging in a local hotel with Wolf and some friends 3) during his psa he said "everyone is welcome - except, maybe Dick Cheney !!" 4) great Clarence intro "the man who would make the devil go runnin' home to his mama" 5) No LOHAD - due to time restrictions, i assume 6) made fun of the ordinance - had the audience taunt them a bit - but nicely, of course !! 7) didnt see a single ticket for sale outside 8) i am DYING to go tonight !!

JK wrote: I was lucky enough to get field seats for both Fenway shows, and I must say that the event certainly lived up to expectations. I arrived at about sundown and walked into the outfield area and I almost felt like I was walkng into heaven. I don't believe there is a heaven, but that's another matter for another e-mail. With the stadium lights shining on me as they never had before - since I have never been on the field at night- there was definately something surreal about it. I cannot exactly say I got chills, but it was truly a special moment that I will never forget. As far as the show went, it was fairly spectacular. After darkness settled and the moon rose higher, the thrills came early and often. Something that I've always found special is the way Bruce personalizes his appearances in whatever venue he plays. During the Saturday night show, he managed to work in a reference to the "Combat Zone". He even rhymed it with something. I'm sorry to say, I cannot remember during which song it was. If you aren't familiar with Boston, the combat zone is the "Redlight" District in town. He also, very possibly without even being aware of it, personalized this show even more by playing a rousing version of "Ramrod". Once again, for those of you not familiar with Boston, the Ramrod is a very popular leather bar right across the street from Fenway park. On Sunday, the chills did come out when I heard the opening violin on "Jungleland". As that faded and Roy took over, he held the first piano note as a tease, and I may never again feel that happy. Or so I thought, until I heard the opening of "Thunder Road". Not even the drunken nitwits in front of me could spoil the moments. My friend and I estimated that they consumed about 200.00 worth of bad beer, and they acted like it. Even so, these were two nights I will always cherish and never forget. Plus, Bill Walton walked by us about 6 different times. What more could a Boston fan ask for?


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