2003-09-27, Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours.

Danny plays a "beer barrel polka" on accordion between "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" and "Two Hearts"

Eyewitness accounts

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Susan Seaton wrote: How does he do it? Every show I go to seems to be better than the last. He was wild and on fire all night, he almost ripped his guitar apart and he did not want to go home.

The music started and I taught I did not hear right CANDY S ROOM OPENS THE SHOW? (When was the last time that happened?) ..That s when I knew he came ready to play.

The set list was very unpredictable and therefore a lot of fun. We got treated to rarities like My Love Will Not Let You Down , Who ll Stop the Rain , Because the Night , She s the One , Across the Border and Jungleland . The anchors topped it all by bringing us an absolutely wild Kitty s Back , Seven Nights to Rock , Rosalita (wild and crazy eyes and all) and Cadillac Ranch . They even pulled out some Polka for us (after all this is Wisconsin) when Danny grabbed his accordion between Waitin on a Sunny Day and Two Hearts .
Bruce seemed to really want to interact with the crowd and we got more than one Are you loose? and a lot of repeats on songs like Sunny Day , Because the Night and Seven Night s . He also mentioned that it s time to impeach the President and talked about how important it is right now to hold your government leaders accountable and to keep asking for the truth, especially when there are so many lives on the line. With artists right now getting in all kinds of trouble for voicing their political opinion, I am very proud of Bruce for speaking up and taking a stand on this. Watch out for the presidential campaign, I am sure they will all be Bruce Fans if it fits their bill.

Seeing Bruce go at it with his guitar all night made me wonder if he was maybe just a little pissed that he and Nils did not make that 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time list in September s Rolling Stone issue. It was almost like, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

The band sounded great and Clarence is back! He had some awesome sax-solos and is playing really strong, which should give us hope for more tours to come.

Bruce also put out quite a physical performance. He was all over the stage, did not just one but TWO knee slides and tried a little Cirque de Sole action when he climbed and flipped all over the mike stand. He looks like he is in great shape and one can only hope he will not take to long of a break before the next tour. Rock on Baby, we will be there to watch you get even better with age ..

Ricky Z. wrote: An hour and a half wait, the longest I've ever waited. Thirty seconds after the band was escorted to the stage by golf carts, the lights went out and I heard "......In Candy's room, there are pictures of hero's on the wall....", in that rhaspy whisper that only Bruce can emit. This was truely the last concert of the tour ( three shows were added at Shea Stadium later). Bruce played like it was his last. No four hour show, but it sure seemed like it. I wish I have that energy when I'm 54. Bruce's voice is like a fine wine, just gets better as it gets older. Kitty's Back was an absolute stadium rocking treat as well as Rosalita for I haven't heard those in over twenty years done live. The sound was great with a few early bugs. The band was awesome. "You've got a brand new ball park here....it's real nice", Bruce said. "It's even got a roof..........let's rattle it....1, 2, 3, 4". A bonus was seeing Bruce leave with the motorcade. I was on the curb when the band and he went by. He was hanging out the window of the van and I said "See ya Bruce". I got a peace sign and a "Alright,,,,,,Thanks".

Probably the last time I'll see him live. Good way to remember him and all the entertaining enjoyment I've gotten from him and his music through the years.


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