2003-08-17, Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours, 5 minutes.

Eyewitness accounts

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G wrote: As a newly converted Bruce fan I must admit
that was a helluva show.
Was "dragged" there by my girlfriend but soon realized how lucky I was.

Belted out first song with full intensity. Amazing.

Audience sang along with surprising accuracy. Someone threw a hat on stage and Bruce wore it through the song. Then returned it.

20 + songs later with fans demanding more, the reluctant showman joked "You guys scare me" ....very entertaining evening.

Ruben Diaz Sanchez wrote: Even though this was an "standard", the way Bruce and the band played was just phenomenal.

I had to admit that for the first 5 songs bass was a little powerful (the engineer must be into hip hop) the overall sound was really good.

Bruce was so loose and playing like he was 23 all over again, running all over the stage and playing his guitar like he was an evil fighting paladin.

As always Roy and Nils were adding so much magic to the music, and it's always great to have Clarence, Steve and Danny putting such a special touch to each note they play.

On a league on their own are Suzie and Pati.

Last but not least "Mighty" Max Weinberg, he was hitting that drum set like his life depend it on it.

Among my favorites were "Rosalita", "Across the border" ("California musica" as Mr. Springsteen calls it, sounded very italian to me, probably the best way to describe it would be California-Italian), "No surrender" and the first 6 songs it was what rock and roll is all about.

This was my first time taking my son and expecting wife together to an Springsteen concert, but I can tell everyone in our pary including my unborn boy had a really great time! Thanks Bruce and the E street band for the gift of music.

DC wrote: I have been to dozens of shows through the years including a couple at last months Giant Stadium shows and I have to say that I was a let down by this show.

First of all, it seems as though a local crew was brought in to do these West coast gigs. The stage was a fraction of the size of the Giant stadium shows - as well as the video monitors. The direction and show selection of the video crew was horrible....the East coasts crew made it magical. Here it seemed to be done by local street hires. There were 30 second shots of Clarence hand hitting a tambourine. The sound itself was even worse. The bass drowned out everything. Bruce's mike went in and out. Altogether the mix was a disaster. The concert was randomly sold....meaning there were large patches of empty seats in better closer sections of the venue. Strange.

I personally I go to concerts for escapism and Bruce does on occasion take us there but I find it really is a bit of a jerk-a-long when you're being taken to the highs of Badlands to the dark depths of Into the Fire and back again. It's hard enough to listen to those songs on the CD. It's a little redundant to then play You're Missing. Why not just hand out some prozac to go along with the mood killer. It was a beautiful Summer night...and it was a party one minute and a wake the next. I once again I paid $80.00 per ticket (don't you think it would be a tad cheaper to sit a couple of football fields away from the stage?). I took my wife and two older kids...that's $320.00 plus the $20.00 dollars for parking. Food? Another $40.00. You do the math. A few more concerts and I'll be going to a local food bank.

When I went to Santana this summer, he announced that all of his concert tour proceeds were going to fight Aids. Bruce might consider a similar gesture.

Still a big fan. But a little annoyed.

Steven Thompson wrote: The Dodger Stadium security was the worse I had ever seen. Nobody knew what was going on. And they almost fucked up me and my sister's front row seats. But with a little luck we got in early and saw the soundcheck. The songs played were "The Rising","Lonesome Day", and "Empty Sky", just a little of all of them.

Everybody said how standard a show this was, well it wasn't standard for me. I had seen The Rising show in Vegas the year before. And yes,it was almost like it, but a Springsteen show at least I think is never the same way twice.

Springsteen and the Band came on stage about 8 to 8:30 the song they played while walking out, as we all noticed was The Beach Boys "California Girls", we noticed on the two big screens on each side of the stage Bruce and The Band were walking out, and I do believe Bruce and Patti's kids were walking with them too. And I thnk Patti was trying to get them to come onstage with them but it didn't happen. Ok, here's the setlist with a review.


The Promised Land (A year ago, maybe less than that, my sister and two cousins went to the Phoenix Rising show, and during this song, my sister who was in the front row with my cousins got the harmonica from Springsteen. So tonight, hoping for the same thing, didn't happen. I think it slammed into me hearing this song live again. I started singing every song that was played at that time, I didn't look at my watch till after the show had ended. First song of the night set the tone for the whole night, and the concert had started.

The Rising (A very good performance of the title track)

Lonesome Day (I love this song, and truthfully I am still trying to find a copy of the video version of this song. Anybody help me? Another very good performance.)

My Love Will Not Let You Down (I had not heard this song since The Reunion Tour, and I barely remembered all the words, it was very good though)

Prove It All Night (I love the album "Darkness" so any song of it is a pleasure for me. To me, almost as good as 1978 performance. Although I could be wrong. But that would be a first)

Darkness on the Edge of Town (Title track was amazing. You should of heard the crowd when the lyrics comes "Tonight I'll be on that hill", the crowd was great, and in key as well. Great.)
Empty Sky (Kind of slowed the show down, but was amazing. I guess he still plays so we won't forget what happened that day.)

You're Missing (This is one of the saddest songs known to man. I have loved this song since I first heard it. I am morbid depressed kind of person. But I know how this song makes me feel in my little black heart. I would cry even a little, if I could.)

Waitin' on a Sunny Day (Great song, and a great performance. I have loved this song as well. Even I have been doing this song live as well. I love the band and Bruce during this song, they look they are having so much fun. And so were we.)

You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) (I have never heard this song live till that night, and damn, I remember all the words. Amazing! I love it.)

Darlington County (I don't think I heard this song live either although I could be wrong. Wasn't there a line about The World Trade Center in it? I think I heard him sing it like that. And that was cool.)

Worlds Apart (Another slow song that dragged down the show a little. But still a good performance.)

Badlands (C'mon, it's BADLANDS! "The light's out tonight, trouble in the heartland")

Out in the Street (I love this song from The River. Not much I can say but WOW! "Meet out in the streets, BABY!"

Mary's Place (Good party rock song. Intro to the band, funny and great. Another crowd sing along. "Turn It Up!)
Across the Border (They played a full band version of this song the night before in S.F. So the show I went had the second performance, and it was different. But still great to hear a "Tom Joad" tune like that.
Into the Fire (This didn't slow the night down. I think it made it better with the sing along part. I sang as well, and we felt as one. But maybe that is just me.)

No Surrender (Another song I have never heard live. And to me, it sounded different. But it was very good.)

I'm a Rocker (A guy standing about 5 feet from had a sign that said "I drove 26 miles to get here, Would you play "I'm A Rocker", and the son of a bitch got his song. Next show, I'm bringing a sign. But what song would I choose? I guess we'll find out when I got to Denver. Back to the song, I never heard this song live, and damn was it fun. I barely remembered the words to this song as well. Great!)

Ramrod (I lost count how many "River" songs he played that night, but I know it was more than any other album that night. I love this song. "Let's Roadhouse")

Born to Run (The crowd was AMAZING! This song was blown up fun. Not much more I can say it's "Born To Run". Need I say more.)

Seven Nights to Rock (I have never heard this song before tonight. And now I'm going to sing this song live as well. My God! It was like "Mountain Of Love" in the 70's, at least to me. Just so fucking cool!)

My City of Ruins (Ok, another great song, but I prefer the version on America Tribute to Heroes. but we get to see Bruce play the piano. And that is always a treat. Love it.)

Land of Hope and Dreams (Ok, now I'm getting scared at this point, cause usually this is the last song of the night. And I had drove 11 hours from Arizona to hear him play Rosalita, where was it? I love the ending of this song where he does a little of "People Get Ready" by Curtis Mayfield. That is my favorite part.)

Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (FINALLY! I GET TO HEAR THIS SONG LIVE! And my god, did it rock. Bruce could of done this song and left the stage. Cause that would have been enough for me. This was the best part of the night. And my dream and wish came true. I got to hear "Rosalita" live.)

Dancing in the Dark (He got a second wind after "Rosalita", and did an outsatnding version of this song. We all sang along, till we were out of breath. A perfect way to end the show. Just out of breath and ready to collapse.)

I guess that is it. I can't wait for Denver.

PS Thank you, Mark And Brian

Brad F. wrote: A great show on a beautiful Sunday night in southern Cali. My buddy and I shelled out for a pair of front pit tickets off a scalper in the parking lot (saw Jeff Green outside stadium). Bruce and the band took the stage as the Beach Boys 'California Girls' played over the speakers. As goes for most LA shows, there were celebs in the crowd: Matthew McConaughey & Cindy Crawford were there in the pit.


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