2003-09-10, Skydome, Toronto, Canada

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours.

"My Ride's Here" was written by Warren Zevon and is played as a tribute to the singer who died the day before the show.

"Countin' on a Miracle" is back for the first time since May.

Eyewitness accounts

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Robert Byrne wrote: Wednesday night we were 40 feet in front of Clarence for the show - I thought it was one of his truly great shows - 3 hours and I think 24 songs.

In terms of song selection, mixed messages all night: the 9-11 grief [7 of the rising songs] - vs - the busting out for freedom of youth/ "young lovers", imagery [jungleland, because the night, bobby jean, rosalita, born to run,
she's the one, no surrender, darlington county, badlands]I think the 2nd theme won over. -so, a very jekyl and hyde night - hence maybe the howling at the moon: he had the crowd howl at the full moon sitting just above the Dome 5 imes - by the way, the paper says it was the first open air Dome concert ever.

He played a great rockabilly song called Seven Nights I never heard before, apparently written by "Moon Mullican" - great lyrics: "I've got seven nights to Rock, seven days to Roll..."[repeated over and over..]

then there were the Three Stooges antics during Ramrod - he fell on his back like a siezure; then did the famous shuffle, then went cross-eyed like Curly and started arffing and barking into the microphone !!!

comparing to what I saw 2 weeks ago at Giants stadium, he was WAY more playful and full of energy last night.

reinvigorating for sure - unlike last December's show at the ACC the crowd was into it all night -maybe it was the full moon, maybe the Dome being open, maybe the last gasp of summer mentality... who knows...but for a guy at the end of a 120 date Tour, Bruce looked like he had a lot of pent-up energy to let loose.

Vanessa West wrote: This was the very first concert I have ever attended. It was amazing. Bruce Springsteen is a big fan of mine and he gave me inspiration during the concert. He has a magnificent voice and a power to make my life different. This was A GREAT CONCERT.


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