2003-12-05, Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

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Holiday show featuring Bruce Springsteen & the Max Weinberg 7 with several guest performers.

Victoria's Gospel Choir opened the show with two gospel songs.
Jimmy Vivino sings on "Christmas Day".
"None But the Brave" is a live world premiere.
Jesse Malin sings on "Queen of the Underworld" and "Wendy".
"Merry Christmas Baby (I Don't Wanna Die)" is a tribute to the Ramones sung by Little Steven.
"This Time It's For Real", "Love on the Wrong Side of Town" and "It's Been a Long Time" feature Southside Johnny.
"R-O-C-K" and "Wild in the Street" feature Garland Jeffreys.
"The Wish" is done by Bruce solo piano.
Sam Moore sings "Hold On I'm Coming", "Something's Wrong With My Baby", and "Soul Man"
"Shine Silenty" and "Because the Night" feature Nils Lofgren on vocals and guitar.
Everyone is on stage for "Christmas Baby Please Come Home"
"I Don't Wanna Go Home" features Bruce, Little Steven and Southside Johnny.
"My City of Ruins" is sung by Bruce with Sam Moore on backing vocals.
Before everyone on stage kicks into "Santa Claus", Danny Devito reads "The Night Before Christmas".

Eyewitness accounts

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Tom Cantillon wrote: The Holiday Shows are back and in fine form.
A very solid show with some nice surprises. From Small Things was terrific, as were the Garland songs and Thundercrack. Southside is always an energetic moment during the shows and once again, he reved the place up. Mary's Place was an interesting choice, nicely done, but I did miss Kitty and Incident from earlier shows.

Biggest treat came with the Sam Moore set: A great 4 pack with Bruce joining in for the fun. The surprise of the evening was a rocking What's So Funny--intense. Well worth the ride through the rain, the snow...


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