2003-12-07, Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

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Holiday show featuring Bruce Springsteen & the Max Weinberg 7 with several guest performers.

Victoria's Gospel Choir opens the show with gospel set.
Jesse Malin sings on "Queen of the Underworld" and "Wendy"
"Wild in the Streets" and "R.O.C.K. Rock" are sung by Garland Jeffreys.
"Merry Christmas Baby (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)" sung by Little Steven.
"This Time It's For Real", "This Time Baby's Gone for Good" feature Southside Johnny.
"It's Been a Long Time" features Southside Johnny, Little Steven and Jon Bon Jovi.
"The Wish" is done by Bruce solo piano.
Sam Moore sings "Hold On I'm Coming", "When Something's Wrong With My Baby", "I Thank You" and "Soul Man"
"Shine Silenty" and "Because the Night" feature Nils Lofgren on vocals and guitar.
"It's My Life" is sung by Jon Bon Jovi.
Everyone is on stage for "Christmas Baby Please Come Home"
"I Don't Wanna Go Home" features Bruce, Little Steven and Southside Johnny.
"My City of Ruins" is sung by Bruce with Sam Moore on backing vocals.

Eyewitness accounts

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Danielle wrote: "Greetings from Asbury Park" was lit up with twinkling lights on the side of Convention Hall last night. There's something about those four words that, for this long time Springsteen fan, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Just driving through the cold, dark and otherwise lonely town there was a feeling of New Jersey musical histoy in the air. The show last night lived up to the feeling in the air as we were treated to seeing some of the most influential New Jersey rockers all performing together on one stage! Bruce of course, was dashing in his newly adorned suit, which if I do say so myself, he should be wearing more often! Max was tight as ever bringing his beats "night after night after night...after night!"The MW7 brought those notable touches to songs such as Kitty's Back and Seaside Bar Song". The guitar solos during Thundercrack were...in the words of a wise musical appreciator "life altering". Not one note was missed or one chord misplayed. Although not a huge Bon Jovi Fan (simply because Bruce is the Jersey rocker in my life) I can say that seeing him on stage with Bruce as welll as Southside Johnny, Little Stevie, Nils, Danny, and Garland Jeffries was a music lovers dream. It also was a Jersey lovers dream. All in all it was a mix of fun music, some new and some old, played by incredibly talented musicians whose appreciation and respect for one another is truely awe inspiring.

Tom Cantillon wrote: wow!! Sunday's night show just blew away the Friday show. High energy and just a blast from start to finish. So Young and in Love was just a fun song. Garland was very much into his performance and that kept things moving. Southside, with Little Steven and Bon Jovi kicked those songs into high gear. Been a Long Time was outstanding! Because the Night, Nils treatment, rocked--his guitar playing is extraordinary! Hold On, Thank You and Soul Man with Sam Moore were definite highlights of the evening! Passionate and rocking--simply terrific. And Bruce brings down the house with a blistering Kitty's Back--yes! The Sam and Bruce duet on City of Ruins was a soul-stirring moment. They should definitely tour together.

Great show! and a great way for my Springsteen traveling partner, Kyle, to have celebrated his 18th b-day.


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