1983-08-02, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

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Bruce joins Jackson Browne

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tickbitty wrote: I was there, I was a huge Jackson Browne fan as a teenager and this was my first JB show as well as my first in-person glimpse of Mr. Springsteen! We had terrible seats at the Garden, but when Bruce came on there was a big hubbub and a lot of Bruuuuuucing. We were definitely not expecting this treat! I thought he also played "for a rocker" but possibly JB played it afterwards or something?

Bruce was flannel shirted as in "the River" but he was looking pretty buff if I remember correctly.... leading up to BITUSA. I am seeking the full setlist from this show and wonder if a recording exists anywhere, as my memory is that the show and encores w/bruce were great!


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