1987-07-29, Key Largo, Belmar, NJ

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Bruce joins reggae band Jah Love for some rather alternative reggae versions of "Born in the USA" and "My Hometown"

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BP wrote: Yep, I was there. A friend who was a bouncer told me and a few friends to come on down to see the Boss play with Jah Love. So we went down to the club, ordered some Corona's (the most popular summer beer of '87 in NJ) and waited for the man to show up. We were there for a while and all of a sudden you just knew that Bruce was in the building. A certain vibe permeated the crowd like a static charge or something. Or then again maybe it was just me. Anyway, the man himself made his way to a corner of a bar accompanied by an older gentleman and a few women. There were bottles of booze up on the bar for their private consumption and it seemed like there was dedicated bartender for the small entourage. After having a few drinks and laughs with some fans and friends it was time to make some music. Bruce got up and played a few tunes with a borrowed guitar and much to our surprise, reggae style! Very different but very cool. I was about 5 feet away from Bruce, directly in front of him. It was all so surreal. I was used to seeing him in magazines, on album covers and in arenas. There he was just 60 inches away. After the performance Bruce was just hanging out with the few people he came with. My friend and I went up to talk to him. Now what do you say to a man who has become a Rock and Roll icon? So my genius friend (who I am still friends with) said to the Boss "You know, you look very familiar". And Bruce said "Oh yeah"? Then my friend said "Yeah, you look just like Clarence Clemons"! Bruce then replied "No man, I'm not Clarence, she's Clarence" as he pointed to a young, very attractive, Jersey Girl that was trying her best to hang all over Bruce. We all just laughed and went on with our night. It seems like about 100 years ago and yesterday all at the same time. What a night. I never did like reggae music any more after that night but thoroughly enjoyed the unannounced performance of Bruce Springsteen!

FRAN A MARINCOLA wrote: That was my club and I was with Bruce-He played my hometown-Born in the USA- and a reggae peice
we went to breakfast in West Long Branch---he came the next Thursday


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