1987-09-25, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA

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Bruce joins U2

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Scott Campbell (soupermeister@yahoo.com) wrote: I had the good fortune of attending U2 shows on the Joshua Tree tour at RFK Stadium in DC on Sept 20th, and at JFK Stadium in Philly on the 25th. During a light drizzle at the first show, Bono slipped and obviously injured his arm, but continued with the show (turned out to be a separated shoulder). Five days later at JFK, he wore a sling on the injured arm. I was a little disappointed that the setlist for both shows was nearly identical. For the final encore, Bono asked if someone could come up to play his guitar (since he was injured). Then he asked if Bruce Springsteen could play his guitar. Bruce entered from the side of the stage and shared the microphone with Bono in a rousing rendition of "Stand By Me". The two biggest front men in rock and roll at the very top of their game - a truly electric moment!


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