1987-10-08, The Ritz, New York, NY

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Bruce joins Little Steven

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Ed wrote: This was a Little Steven show filmed for Japanese TV, so live video does exist. Smokin' show outright. Awesome bass solo by T.M. Stevens and the entire crowd singing "All the walls got to come down" during Checkpoint Charlie were standouts.LS intro to I Am A Patriot was also memorable calling Ollie North a criminal MF'er. Bruce & Julianne sat in the balcony center stage. Daryl Hannah was in the corner balcony pounding the table and obviously having a good time. A stagehand before the show said many Sun City guests would be in attendance. The aforementioned were the only one's I actually recognized. When Bruce hit the stage for the encores the floor surged to the stage, very intense. Bruce had a cheat sheet for Sun City. Didn't really notice it during the show, the video made it more obvious. Again the show was awesome on its own and makes me sad that Little Steven didn't tour for Born Again Savage, Bruce's appearance was just the icing on the cake.


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