1987-10-31, McLoone's Rumrunner, Sea Bright, NJ

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Bruce and the E Street Band minus Nils Lofgren and Clarence Clemons debut several Tunnel of Love songs.

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Jim Souder Jr wrote: I started to see a girl that lived near Bruce, she had a telephone call from a friends telling her to met at the runrummer for a Halloween Party. The band billed for the night was The Monsters of Rock & Roll. We got there and the band was setting up but nobody knew who they were. The band came out in Halloween costumes and play 2 songs. After the second song the lead singer said "Do you know who we are" By this time everybody had an idea who they were, but didn't know the songs. The doors were locked and we were told if we left we wouldn't get back in. Everybody was there except Nils and Clarence and they were all in different spots then we were used to seeing them. There were about 75- 100 people there. The funny thing of the evening was my Girlfriend's friend could not get in after the band started. Bruce played for about an hour and halve. He ROCKED the joint. Happy Halloween


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