1989-08-11, Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ

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Bruce joins Ringo Starr

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FC wrote: This was an unbelievable appearence....
There was a major buzz when Ringo walked on stage and his drums were occupied by Max (the other two drum sets had Jim Keltner and Levoln Helm, both part of the All Starr Band). And sharing Billy Preston's keyboards was Roy.
And Nil's and Clarence were IN The All Starr Band...so w/ more than half of the E Street Band on the stage... we knew something was up....
It was about two songs into the second half of the show that the lights went down and we were like 'This can't be over..?!?!?!"
then the lights came up and Ringo said: We have some friends here tonight, will my friend in the wings come on out..." and out walked Bruce and the crowd exploded.
They went into Get Back with Billy Preston singing the first verse and Bruce singing the second. After that, they all kind of huddled in the middle of the stage and then Bruce walked out to center mic and said:" I always wanted to sing this song with Ringo Starr on drums..."And they launched into a BLISTERING Long Tall Sally...and Bruce called out the solos to Clarence and then said 'is there a doctor in the house' and Dr. John took a solo..it was great as the house lights came up for a roc
king ending of 'we're gonna have some fun tonite"...
After Bruce left the stage the crowd kept going nuts...and Ringo said: "OK..this is MY show...I'm back now"....
And he finally got control of the crowd back.
For the encores of Photograph and With a little Help from My Friends..Bruce just kinda slipped out from the wings and hung in the crowd with his guitar...he didn't take center stage again (probably wanting Ringo to have the big ending...).


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