1996-02-20, Teatro Ariston, San Remo, Italy

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Bruce performs at the San Remo Song Festival, which is broadcast live.

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claudio nicolai wrote: Hearing that Bruce was going to play there was somewhat shocking. The Festival is very popoular indeed over here, but most of the audience is teen agers and mature people, since the kind of music this event is about is what we call "canzonette" (small songs), meaning simple lyrics mostly about love sung to easy listening melodies soon to be forgotten.
Outstanding international guests have always been part of the show though (i.e. Will Smith, Gwen Stefani and Michael Bubl? in 2005; John Travolta and Shakira in 2006 to mention only the most recent editions) and I must admit that a few of Italy's best songwriters and performers have moved their first steps on this stage before leaving it never to return.
Anyway, to a hardcore fan the depth, intensity and political meaning of Tom Joad seemed to run the risk of being humiliated by the context and the fact that Bruce had accepted to appear on condition that complete silence during his performance was guaranteed and that no stage interview would be released didn't help to ease the pain.
The performance was a success, very heartfelt and deep, but that could be expected.
At the end it was very funny to see Pippo Baudo (the host of the show) shaking Bruce's hand and not letting go in order to keep him on stage and in front of the cameras a few seconds more as our hero was nervously giggling while trying to free himself from the grasp and finally manage to leave the stage...


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