2004-10-02, Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH

Vote For Change
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"Bad Day" and "Man on the Moon" is Bruce guesting with REM during their set.

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Jim wrote: Just got back from the Vote for Change tour featuring the Boss and the E Street Band. Up first was this horrible band called Bright Eyes. As if it wasn't bad enough that each song sounded the same, the lead
singer was a kid who looked to be no more than 17 and was an exact replica of Terminator 2's Edward Furlong.

Anyway, this kid was so full of anger and hatred and he kept spitting all over the place. And there I am
wondering what the hell he has to be so upset about at his age. I wanted to punch him.

Then REM came up and they sure know how to kill a crowd dead. They'd play one classic song, and follow it with 8 crappy songs that nobody's ever heard of nor wants to hear ever again. They played for over an hour and I recognized 3 songs. Bruce joined them for the
last couple of songs, so that was cool. So while REM was playing, I looked over to my left and saw this dude.

It was Baba Booey from the Howard Stern show. So I went up to him and
shook his hand. He said that he just came into town to see the show. I didn't really have a whole lot to say
to him, because face it, who leaves their house and expects to meet Baba Booey? So we talked for a
minute and I went back to where I was. I kept an eye on him throughout the show and he must have drank about 10 beers.

Springsteen came on and kicked all kinds of ass like usual. It wasn't as good as last year, but it was
multi-band show. Even John Fogerty came out and jammed. The end of the show was one big encore
featuring all 50 people on stage, but only 3 guitars actually turned on. It was cool. It lasted for 5 hours
and Springsteen played for 2. I got to hear "The River" so I am happy. Never pass up the opportunity to see Springsteen.

Jamie wrote: Having a little time to comtemplate last nights show, I'm wondering how this group "bright eyes" ever got on this tour. It was one of the worst bands I have ever head. I remarked to my wife that I feel like slitting my wrists after hearing one depressing song after another. Terrible. REM wasn't much better. I liked the "popular" songs they sang (only three, especially Man On the Moon)but over all thumbs down. I thought Bruce and the band's set was really good. I especially liked the Fogerty/CCR songs and I wish they would have played a few more. Johnny 99, The River, and Mary's Place were also standouts for me. If your a Bruce fan only take my advice, blow off the first two groups, have a couple more beers, and just go in for the Bruce set. You're not missing anything.

Norm wrote: Awesome show... Definately recharged my love of REM. Michael Stipe is a great entertainer and Bruce and the group was dead on all night. Is Clarence sick? He didn't move much. If so, hope he gets well soon. Thanks to the roadie who "upgraded" my tickets. 3rd Row!!!

Mike wrote: Set list is almost identical to the Philadelphia Vote for change show. The E-Street Band played Fortunate Son instead of Proud Mary with John Fogarty.

Bruce played with REM for Man on the Moon. An awesome show all the way around.

Bruce came out at the beginning and said this was a "No Bruuuuuceee ing zone" at the start of the show I understand why he requested that but at $77 dollars for a ticket I think we should be able to Bruce all we want.

There were a lot of folks there strictly for the music and it was a great Rock and Roll concert regardless of politics.

John wrote: The opening band Bright Eyes Were ok, the young lead singer seemed thrilled to be part of the show. REM put on a very good show especially when Bruce joined them for Bad Day and Man On The Moon. Bruce and the band were great! Highlights for me were The River, Johnny 99, Youngstown (Nils killed), Centerfield, Fortunate Son and Because The Night (Stipe sharing the singing with Bruce). During the group encores Conor Oberst the lead singer from Bright Eyes was all over the stage obviously excited to be on-stage with Bruce, REM and Fogerty. All and all another great night with the Boss.

bass man wrote: First up I noticed some folks dogging REM and Bright Eyes. Don't know why this is. Bright Eyes is one of the best young talents around and gave me some hope that there's still some actual young artists around rather than the Britney/Jessica Simpson folks that climb the charts without talent or purpose and often times a voice. REM was loose, funny, and incredably energetic. Stipe is a born preformer, plain and simple. As for Bruce......well that one goes without saying. The one for me that still stands out is "Johnny 99." It was done much more rocking. I wish he'd release that on a concert cd or dvd. Heck I'd take a bootleg in a heartbeat. The band sounded great, Spot on as usual. The set flowed nicely. Adding a cover of "(What's so Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding" was brilliant. So, great bands, great sets, great night. Bruce was awesome.


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