2004-10-03, Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI

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The first two songs is Bruce joining REM during their set.

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Bency Abraham wrote: I was at Cobo last night. Bruce & E Street were awesome. He was the best part of the whole night. REM was ok, but Bright Eyes sucked. Bruce singing born in the usa, badlands, no surrender, the ties that bind, darkness on the edge of town, johnny 99, and youngstown as the first 7 songs was awesome. I was on the floor and the place was rocking. Fogerty coming on was alright as well. Because The Night, The Promised Land, The Rising sounded awesome. Mary's Place was great especially with the "conversion". It was a great night of music. Hopefully Bruce goes back on the road next year.

Jay Calo wrote: Going into the show, I was a little upset at organizers. I was the 5th person in a line that formed in the morning and sat there until we got our wristbands at 3pm. I do understand the concept of a lottery, but it was very unclear how it would work. Even event workers didn't seem to have a handle on it. Never the less, got in and got on the rail behind the pit. Shout out to Leslie and the other Greasy Lake people I met. About the show - what a awesome environment. Few things make you feel part of a community. Bruce shows always do this for me but singing "people have the power" with 15,000 people is a special feeling. Youngstown absolutely rocked, as always. Wondered if during Nills solo they always stand in a circle and watch him....never really noticed it but think it has meaning about community. Because the night was great. As was Fortunate Son. Pretty cool watching Michael Stipe standing 10 feet in front of me in the pit, just shaking his head at the devotion to The Boss that he was witnessing. Seems like Bruce should have wrote Peace Love and Understanding. He sure as hell knows how to perform it. Overall, great night. Would have loved a few audibles, but the band had to keep their portion to 2 hrs. Damn time limits!!!

Ken wrote: It's been 4 days now and I still can't get over how after every show I seem to be able to legitimately think "hey, that could have been the best ever"!! I seem to be connecting to Bruce more now than at that first show back in '78 at Munn Ice Arena, when at 16, I thought we were brothers. Fortunate Son went right through me, Peace, Love and Understanding, one of my all time favorite tunes, was off the hook. Live Bruce shows continue to give me the best experiences of my life!!!!


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