1978-08-31, The Agora, Cleveland, OH

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Bruce and other members of the E Street Band join Southside Johnny.

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Gary Sikorski wrote: GREAT TIME! My friends and I had just seen Bruce at The Richfield Coliseum, about 40 miles south of Cleveland. We watched what we assumed to be Bruce's last encore song from the exit aisle. As soon as the song was ending, we ran to the parking lot, zoomed to the freeway, and raced to Cleveland to see Southside. We made it in record time, parked across the street from the club, and ran to The Agora. As soon as we got to the door, up comes another car right in front of us...and out jumped Bruce & Miami! How did they get off stage and beat us to the bar!! We got in the door, and squeezed our way up to the dance floor area about ten feet in front of the stage. Everybody was standing in the entire club. It was packed wall to wall. The club was steamy hot! Southside started very late, I think they even advertised this as a midnight show. It was well past one. And up jumped Bruce. Man, the stage was wild. I remember Bruce and Southside walking back and forth, exchanging vocals, trying to top each other. Totally unrehearsed! The crowd was electric, total screaming the entire time. Two shows in one night! Of all the times I've seen Bruce, this one topped them all!


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