2005-04-25, Fox Theater, Detroit, MI

Devils & Dust Tour
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Bency Abraham wrote: Normally, the opening night for a springsteen concert is a little flat. But not tonight's show. It was great, it was different to not see Bruce with E Street, but he was awesome tonight. He opened with a great version of Reason to Believe, then went into Devils and Dust, Youngstown, and Lonesome Day. I liked a lot of the songs from the new album, especially Jesus was an only son, the hitter, matamoras banks, long time comin, and maria's bed. The highlight for me was bruce playing for you on the piano. That was the first time I heard the song in concert. It was also great to see him play real world, highway patrolman, part man/part monkey, further on up the road, the rising, and waiting on a sunny day. All in all, a solid opening for the devils and dust tour. I'm glad I was there tonight, it was a great performance by our boy bruce.

Brian Pastoria wrote: What a thrill to see one of the world's great songwriters and performers perform some of his pre-eminent songs stripped down to their core.

Bruce opened the show to a standing ovation from the sold out and beautifully lit Fox Theatre, playing harmonica, crouched over, he launched into a chilling rendition of "Reason to Believe", footstomps and all. Bruce was very entertaining in his story telling throughout the night and was at ease the entire show asking the audience at the start of the show to "Turn off the cell phones, and please don't clap along as my sense of rhythym isn't too good."

Incredible versions of "For You" and "Racing in the streets" reinforced his mastery not only on guitar but showcased his skills on the piano. Many of the new songs were brilliantly performed among great new versions of lesser known Bruce classics, such as "Youngstown", & "Highway Patrolman". New songs
"Black Cowboys", "Devils & Dust","Jesus Was An Only Son" and especially "Long Time Comin' were enough to know the new album is destined to become a Bruce classic.
"The Rising" was also a highlight that showcased the strength of this great song even without the help of the E Streeters. The closing song was a stirring and emotionally charged version of "Promise Land" that pulled together his spiritual themes and family values he spoke of and sang about throughout the night.

Stripping his songs down to bare bones shows why Bruce's songwriting and melodies are second to no one. It will be a treat to see Bruce hit the road with the E Street Band after performing these songs on this acoustic tour and to see the evolution of the great new songs from "Devil's & Dust". Bruce seems to get better as the years go on. Thanks Bruce for the opportunity to experience your artistry in such a great and intimate venue such as The Fox Theatre. It was an experience I will not soon forget.

Scott DeMand wrote: "Reason To Believe," was indeed an amazing new twist...Bruce is truly the best Harmonica player in the World.

"For You," was amazing......didn't care for the "Promised Land," at the end, the original is far better, and he should have ended the show with a classic.

The New Album will be remembered no better than Nebraska, or Tom Joad, but will continue to show the amazing talent of Bruce, and the chances in creativity he takes. Looking forward to the next "E Street" album and tour.


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