2005-05-02, Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Devils & Dust Tour
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Greg wrote: It's hard to do justice when writing a review of a Bruce concert on a web site tabbing itself as the "Ultimate Bruce Springsteen Tribute Page." Anyone reading this has, undoubtedly, already filed away hundreds of their own personal moments when Bruce and the band have picked them up when they're down, added clarity when their world was upside down, or lifted them higher with the pure joy of Rock and Roll then they ever thought they could get. Well, here he goes again. Bruce with a guitar, or piano, or harmonica, and a story to tell...there just isn't a better ticket than that. Tonight he weaved a theme of love throughout the playlist, laughing about how much his mom loved all those old songs on the radio when he was growing up, and how his dad warned him that love songs were part of a government conspiricy. He sang his own versions of love songs (Incident on 57th Street/If I Should Fall Behind) as well as the results of a love that didn't last (Reno).
I remember marveling at how one man could captivate such a throng of people back when stadium shows were sold out and 100,000 people, myself included, acted as one, thrusting our fists in the air to punctuate the songs. Now, it's the quiet reflection going on in each of our heads as we listen to the new songs from "Devils and Dust" that is marvelous.

My twin boys just turned one year old recently and this was the first real night out for my wife and me since they were born. It entailed driving nine hours from the Lake Tahoe area to Los Angeles, as well as two and one-half days of sick leave from work. The expectations were high. As usual, Bruce exceeded them.


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