2005-05-14, Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA

Devils & Dust Tour
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J wrote: I just got home from the show. what is up with reason to believe? UGH. it was a good show but clearly bruce was not himself tonight. we also got killed with the songs. do we need to hear anymore JOAD? the show is slow enough without dry lightning and TGOTJ. on top of that lets ad Paradise to the mix?? you are killing me bruce! ok, so wreck was awesome, no doubt but that was about it as far as the hilites go. look at other setlists vs this one..

T.Cantillon wrote: a quiet and somber show. Got to hear the soundcheck before hand and heard great renditions of Stolen Car, Wreck on the Highway and Ain't Got You--wish he had played Stolen and Ain't, but alas, he did not.

Good show, but not amazing, simply because it was a bit too somber in overall mood and content. Wreck was amazing and so was I'm on Fire and Promised Land.

Marty Lorio wrote: A rainy night in Fairfax and a somber Bruce made for a rather depressing show. The weakest Springsteen show I have ever seen. Bruce seemed uninspired and anxious to get this evening over with. However, The River on piano did add a little spark to an otherwise forgetable evening.

LM wrote: You people are crazy! This show was fantastic. If you only like Bruce with the band, don't go to the solo shows. Bruce was totally entertaining and the show was fun without being jump-up-and-down exciting. Very thought provoking, emotional, and funny, too.


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