2005-05-17, Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Devils & Dust Tour
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Mike C wrote: Once again Philadelphia is the site where all future shows are judged against. When Bruce proclaimed "here is a song which didn't make it on the Darkness album" and everyone clapped, he responded, "hold on this may be a stinker". No chance of that, World Premiere, The Iceman on piano followed by another haunting performance of Incident. Those two songs would have made this the best stop thus far on the tour but a few songs later he returns to the piano and breaks into one of the most underrated songs on the River, Wreck on the Highway. Overall a terrific night and as usual the rest of the cities have a tough job ahead of them topping Philadelphia.

Tom Cantillon wrote: Truly amazing from start to finish. Bruce has put together a very rare show that allows for his fans to really focus on and hear and appreciate the lyrics to some of his finest songs. Touring with the band is always a special event, but this solo approach really provides for some reflective moments as Bruce's lyrics come to thye forefront when he's playing guitar or piano.
Highlights: Beautiful Reward, absolutely love the bluesy, Muddy Waters, Howlinwolf Reason to Believe, Incident on piano is simply breathtaking and beautiful. The imagery throughout Black Cowboys is both heartbreaking and optimistic. Maria's Bed, Part Man/Monkey and Further are equally great moments.

I know fans are used to the fist-pumping rock events Bruce and Band usually perform, but this tour, a chance to really listen to the lyrics and Bruce speak about his music is a rare treat not to be missed. Looking forward to the tour continuing in the fall. Great show!

joeyroberts wrote: My lasting impression of that show was Dream, Baby, Dream. very powerful ending song...i had no idea what it was..

could have done without rising, LOHAD, and mybe add my fathers house, to go along with the mother / son theme. nice story's like the jesus is an only child preamble...

overall, 4 stars out of 5.

Lionel wrote: 40th plus concert I've seen with Bruce. Solid 8 out of 10. Listening to Bruce explain the songs on the new album helped me grow to like them more. Dark rendition of The Promised Land. I would have enjoyed a little more upbeat ending but another, had to be there, experience.

Also, hearing Iceman made my night. Great song that Bruce mentioned didn;t make the cut on Darkness.

Pat W. wrote: U have to be kidding me. Just because he plays the tunes differently doesn't mean it's good. Reason to believe was crap, Ramrod was crap, Promise land was crap and Dream, Baby, Dream was beyond crap [still can?t believe he ended with that]. New album sounded good, as did Iceman and 57th st. Unfortunately, there are people out there who would cheer if Bruce farted his way through Born to Run and that blind loyalty just strokes his ego. I was 6 rows from the stage and 2 people in front of me left when promise land started because and I quote ?it?s Bruce so you just thought it was going to get better but it hasn?t?

FYI-i saw the Tom Joad tour and liked it so I?ve seen him perform away from a band before.


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