2005-05-24, The Point, Dublin, Ireland

Devils & Dust Tour
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Zero_loves_Terry wrote: For only the second time since becoming a Bruce fanatic, I got to see The Boss live in The Point last night, and boy did he not disappoint.
He entered the stage to a standing ovation in the sold theatre where he then told the crowd "enjoy yourselves" (as if we wouldn't!). Wasting no time, he jumped straight into a pump organ version of "My Beautiful Reward", a regular opener on this tour.

I had been worried before the performance that there might be a lack of atmosphere in the show because of Bruce's strict no noise or clapping policy, which he had asked for at previous shows. But Bruce was noticeably relaxed and the crowd cheered and applauded at every song. Bruce was in fine story-telling form where he delighted the crowd with tales of parenting and life in America.

The highlights of the night were "Racing In The Street" and "The River" where Bruce showcased his abilities masterfully on the piano.

All in all his performance was, as expected, out-standing, the sound was excellent and the crowd were enthusiastic and respectful. An amazing night and a power-house performance from the greatest musical artist alive today.

Rudgey the Welshman wrote: He recieved a standing ovation as soon as he walked on stage, which I'm sure overwhelmed him, but one thoroughly deserved for what we were about to witness.

Kicked off with "my beautiful reward" on the pump organ with close ups of his feet on the large screen which looked like he was treading grapes but nothing can take it away from this man his performance was second to non.

Right through to Dream every track was a gem the man is a geneous a Rock and roll legend.

Towards the end of the concert one of his encores the crowd at the back of the hall walked down the aisles clapping and singing it was a truely remarkable end to a truely memorable concert by the finest performer of any genre that has ever lived.


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