2005-05-27, Royal Albert Hall, London, England

Devils & Dust Tour
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William wrote: This will always be the stand-out concert for me. It was a sweltering night which somehow added to the intensity. 'Where's Clarence?' some idiot shouted 'How the fuck should I know' was Bruce's immediate, brilliant response. He was so focussed throughout and the music was...righteous. The Wish and Tougher will never be forgotten.

mallie wrote: I truly feel sorry for any fans not lucky enough to get tickets for this concert. I know how difficult it was and am still pinching myself that I got a returned ticket! This concert was all and more I had hoped for. It had the gutsy emotion of the stadium shows with the band yet the venue lent itself to offering a more intimate feel where conversation was almost as important as the music. I felt really privileged to be there - to hear Bruce talk about his music,his children, politics,.... He came on stage a little after 8 - which suited many fans well as the traffic in London was horrendous. He strolled on stage dressed in jeans, shirt and jacket and started to play My Beautiful Reward. I was lost by then....from song to song - some from the new album and many old favourites - played acoustically they sounded fresh and different. An all time favourite of mine, Tougher than the Rest, seemed especially meaningful and raw with emotion. I loved Bruce being on stage alone - moving from guitar to guitar to piano - what a talented guy! His voice was as true and as strong as ever and it looked as though he was enjoying the evening too. I appreciated the explanations behind the writing of the songs. His recordings are always great but live performances are the best. This one did not disappoint - Bruce always exceeds all expectations and it is not a surprise his fans are so loyal. The new songs, more folksy and reminescent of the Tom Joad days, delighted the crowd - I especially liked Matamoros Banks. Yet there were songs from The Rising - and classics such as The Promised Land and Nebraska. At the end of the concert Bruce, as he does, thanked his fans for their support. He told us he'd been coming to London for 30 years. He travelled the edge of the stage and those fortunate enough to be near the front were able to shake his hand (and thank him for the music) and some even managed to give him a kiss! (Another throw back to the early rock days!) He eventually left the stage around 10.30pm. Yes, he's still sexy, and he sounds better than ever. Saying thankyou just doesn't seem enough -I had the most fantastic evening which will linger long in my memory.

Danny Rhodes wrote: Worth it simply to hear Cautious Man, The Wish and Promised Land...the latter turning a song I've always felt was about the possibilities of the future into a haunting lament on opportunities missed and the day to day struggle...


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