2005-05-30, Forest National, Brussels, Belgium

Devils & Dust Tour
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Allan Smith wrote: A brilliant show! Bruce looks very happy and the performance was mostly awesome! Overall rating 8.5/10

Peter VDB wrote: First of all: thanks to the audience. Bruce asked for complete silence in the two national languages (French and Dutch), and he got it. You could hear the needle drop, from the very first to the very last second of the show. 7,000 people listening in awe, savouring every sound that came from the stage, applauding and cheering when appropriate, not shouting requests...

This was a great show - not just a 'good' one.

I'm not going through all songs - just pick a few.

Reason to believe: caused many discussions afterwards. Some find this rendition lame - I thought it was amazing. Going back to the absolute roots of blues and rock, the distorted voice and the rythm menacing...

The River: his announcement led us to believe he was going to do 'Reno', since he talked about not writing love songs (his daddy said they were government propaganda), so he disguized his love songs... The River and Tougher than the Rest were brought on the piano. I was glad he turned back to the original River: during the reunion Tour, he tried out a different tune and that didn't work for me. He opened the Brussels concert of the Rising-Tour with the River as well, by the way. Maybe it's got something to do with his first Belgian concert ever, in 81, in the same Forrest National-venue, where he amazed us for the first time...

State Trooper was a tour premiere, and was very, very intense.

Nebraska: always seemed like a 'cold' song to me, about cold things and people... Now it turned out to be very warm.

Racing: keeps amazing me, this song is - how old? And it's still there, still magic.

Jesus Was an Only Son: in between the verses, he described how he was a child once, and has become a daddy now. How hard is can be to raise children. Laughter from the audience with his jokes.

Ramrod: funny how the same shaker from his stadium tours is still shaking - in a completely different way. Nice - the audiance on its feet, clapping now - but a bit strange to me. I thought he ought to either continue with 2 or 3 shakers, or not bring any at all. But then again: never complain about his set list!

Dream Baby Dream: as in all of his tours, he brings a song that's not his. This man has written so many classics, he has such an enormous arsenal of songs he can choose from - and then he ends with a song nobody knows. You have to have heard it before you understand why: this is pure magic, people drove home in a trance, this is so... amazing.

This was my 26th show - seen two Tom Joads nine years ago. It gets a spot in my top five. He's proven, again, he is a league of its own: there's only a few artists who can entertain a crowd of 50,000 and come back 2 years later, alone, and do this to 7,000 people.


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