2005-06-04, Palamalaguti Arena, Bologna, Italy

Devils & Dust Tour
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Matteo wrote: I was lucky, i was in Bologna saturday night and I saw BS in fine form, dressed in jeans and black open shirt he came out at 21,15 to greet to audience and asking (in italian) for silence to "help me to give the best of me". A standing ovation of 8400 people was waitin for him.

The setlist was predicable in part... My Beautiful Reward was a fine opener on the pump organ but the shock came soon after ... An EXTREME rendition of Reason To believe for harp and foot-stompin' ! I saw people's faces astonished! a great For You at piano... remains a unique gem but I already hear that in the same venue in 2002 and I would had liked Incident On 57th in the same spot but how could anyone be disappointed to hear a Greetings song? Then came The River in a fine piano version, State Trooper had take the place of Part Man, Part Monkey as the only song performed on a Elettric guitar... I was very glad to hear the tour premiere of My Fathers House... another song from Nebraska. The songs from D&D recieved a very good response from the crowd...even some clapping on the guitar riffs of Maria's Bed and Leah... new tunes that are already classic. The Rising works very well in this solo rendition and Bruce gave us a really fine vocal troughout the entire concert... the solo Further Up was not so great to me, it needs more dynamic work.. a little too much noisy , 12string guitar covered the vocals...Jesus Was An Only Son is another new classic... with spoken verses between the song verses... I would had liked to understand more than something...

The show feautured some pre-recorded keyboard parts like Highway 29 and Galveston Bay on the previus solo tour.. i hear them on Silver Pal, Reno and Matamoros Banks... i wonder how it they works because Bruce dont wear ear monitors, so i think he follows a led click. All in all a great show in a too much large venue... italian promoters are guilty.... 100 euros for a 1st row-100 euros for the 55 row! i called it speculation.
theatre prices for an arena concert...no more to say... shame!
thank you.


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