2005-06-07, The Forum, Milan, Italy

Devils & Dust Tour
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Fabrizio wrote: Fantastic Show! Better than Bologna i think. Great setlist, with wreck on piano followed by Lost in the flood!!!!!!!It was unreal! "Tougher than rest"n i think it was to Patti, cause 8 june is their wedding anniversary!

Thanks Bruce!

LittleStevenMilano wrote: ...well, no reviews, just to say that after a "stage run" in Bologna DURING Matamoros (as soon as he invited "to rush up gently when I'll finish", i.e. one song before the encores, in Milano.... this happned even earlier, so the whole audience in the front rows had to stood-up and act as in a "usual Bruce concert"....not too bad in any case, it was just fun and joy, even if many had the impressions that Bruce was a little bit "not fully relaxed" for this show.

Great Open all Night, thanks Bruce for your gift to Milano


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