2005-06-19, Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Devils & Dust Tour
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Ooltje wrote: At the time of the presale i couldn't get a ticket, 2 days before the show a friend told me he had a ticket for me. I stand stuffed like some soldier undaunted hihi...

So we went to the concert, and there he was the boss. It was very special.... It was a concert wich i'will not forget, as if Bruce was playing in the livingroom, very intimate (do i spell it right?) and creating moments that were very special.

Finally I like to put the concert in two words: unforgettable.....fantastic!!!!
Thanks Bruce!

JKJ10 wrote: Brilliant show,made my eyes misty when "for you" was played. Lot of Dutch 'celebrities' attended this show. A lil too hot,and the fact that Bruce made sure that the bars were closed during the concert, (thanx to American fans during previous shows.) to me, was the only negative point this night..
I'm very glad to have witnessed Bruce in a set up like this,as I was unable to attend previous acoustic shows..


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