2005-06-22, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark

Devils & Dust Tour
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Tommy Beck Kobberoe wrote: What can I say? My 9th concert with him since '88 and my first solo. The goosebumps came crawling after about 10 seconds of long lost gem "My Beautiful Reward" and stayed for most of the concert. One highlight after the other. Much has been written about the tour, but what I really liked was his challenging the audience when he moved 4-6 feet away from the mike making the experience REALLY acoustic. Except for one moron who shouted "higher" the first time he did it, you could hear a needle drop during these "stunts". All in all the audience was great, except for the never ending run for the toilet for those who had to buy the "emergency" package from the bar before the concert - 5 pints of beer for the price of 4.
It was my wifes second encounter with Bruce, and she was stunned by his performance. If one person can be intimate with 6500 people it's Bruce. Actually, it was my 1 year wedding anniversary gift for my wife, and she didn't know until ? hour before showstart.

Bo wrote: Wild Billy's Circus Story on request from the audience (somebody's birthday). Spirit in the Night on request from 'somebody out back'. Nice, slow version :)

Anders Krogh wrote: As i entered the Arena i was first disapointed to find i was sitting on the very far skirts of my row, having to twist my neck to the point of breaking, but that was only a problem till Bruce entered the stage and all was happily forgotten... it was a remarkable good concert with some good interpertations of old songs with a sound so clean it was like being in the local hifi club surrounded by geeks. atleast from where i was sitting. and when the extras came i was blessed by my bad seats as i was able to get up front to jump infront of the scene... its been 2 days since the concert and my smile is still as wide as my face can produce, it will fade over time but never be forgotten. that was one good concert!

Love to you all


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