2005-06-23, Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden

Devils & Dust Tour
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Henrik Ungerth wrote: A dark, epic performance that I rank among the best I have seen The Boss perform (seen him only ten times).

I am a fan since I was 12 year old 1980. This concert shows that Bruce is getting older and I just love that he is talking and singing a lot more these days about what life is really about; kids,life, death and hope. The final encore Dream baby dream was a religious gospel explosion that was among the best I have ever seen Bruce doing. For the rest of the tour I can only say that I envy you all that will see Bruce. My dream is that Bruce will do Neils Youngs Like a Hurrican and his own Backstreets accoustic. That would be a favourite bootleg.

Anki wrote: Fantastic! That one man can fill a huge ice hockey area with magic for several hours. We didn't want it to end. The audience knew exactly when to sing and when to be silent. Bruce became very intimate with us and we all felt special! We look forward to next year!


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