2005-04-22, Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ

Devils & Dust Tour
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Rehearsal show. "Real World", "For You", and "Racing in the Street" are solo piano.

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Bill wrote: Show opened with a reworked version of Reason to Believe, sung into his harmonica mic. giving it a delta blues distortion.

Tom Cantillon wrote: Wow! WHAT A SHOW!

Impressed and surprised and satisfied! Bruce's piano renditions of For You, Real World and Racing were outstanding and will hopefully be released on a cd.

The Devils and Dust material works well live. There are the usual Springsteen signatures such as: Heartbreak, the pursuit of dreams, relationships, personal triumphs and loss. Jesus was an Only Son is a beautiful piece of work. Maria' Bed and Long Time work well live.

I really love the piano work. Real World, For You and Racing, as already mentioned, were personally my favorites of the evening. And the acoustic Promised Land, it resonnates with a quiet determination on a more personal level. Another stellar show by Bruce. Thanks.

noel wrote: Bruce kept up a lot of his storytellers banter, introducing most of the songs -- giving further incite into the songs and the man. Reason to Beleive was hardly recognizable on a first listen, reminded me of some Muddy Waters recordings. Audience was very attentive and quite fulfilled.


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