2005-07-14, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada

Devils & Dust Tour
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Howard wrote: It was an amazing concert. He took songs like the Promised Land and played them in a completely different way. I loved his stories and the things he would say before some of the songs. When he played reason to believe I couldn't tell what song it was, but it was so passionate, that I didn't care. My only complaint was that I wanted one song that I could scream out loud and leave the concert on a high. But, alas, it was not meant to be. I knew it would be like that since I saw the Tom Joad concert. However, a guy can always hope.

Great Concert.

MIchelle wrote: A great show! Bruce is able to command the attention of an arena full of people with only himself and a guitar or piano. He reworked classics to an unrecognizable point (Reason to Believe, The Promised Land)which makes you love them that much more. He seemed relaxed and enjoyed himself, introducing some songs with poignant stories that make you realize again just what a great story teller he is. I'm sorry it ended and can't wait for the next album and tour.

Lenny wrote: Just an awesome show! I could hear every word and it was as if Bruce was playing just for me!!!

Hi-lites were The Hitter, Matamoras Banks, All I'm thinkin' 'bout is you from Devils and Dust. Other hi-lites, Lost in the Flood, Brilliant Disguise, Wreck on the Highway and an amazing Wild Billy!! Never thought I'd hear that one live.

In this format, I can see Bruce going strong for another 10 years! And I'll be there to see him!!


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