2005-07-16, Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY

Devils & Dust Tour
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Bruce does a snippet of "Pony Boy" before "Long Time Comin'". The latter is dedicated to his son Evan.

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noel wrote: Good solid show, a lot noisier with a 2/3 arena, different than the more intimate settings of the small venues. But Bruce seemed to enjoy himself, not hearing or ignoring most of those that ignored his plea for as much quiet as possible. How some yahoo scream a gleeful rebel yell during Paradise is beyond me. Bus Stop an obvious highlight, but I felt it was promised land that drew the crowd to complete silence, hanging on his every word/sound. A very powerful moment.

Tom wrote: A very good show. I think the rules regarding concessions keep more people in their seats. Bruce's son, Evan, was on hand and Bruce dedicated Long Time Coming to him. He sang "Pony boy, pony boy" as a joke at the beginning of the song. Afterward he laughingly said that it would have been more accurate, from his son's point of view, to have sung that he wasn't going to "fuck it up too bad this time," rather than the actual lyric.

I'm sure the version of Reason to Believe was lost on a large portion of the crowd. My wife didn't know what it was unitl I told her, and she knows the Nebraska version well.

I liked the way Bruce backed off a bit from the microphone for part of This Hard Land. It really made the crowd hush and listen to the low-volume vocal.

At one point someone yelled out that "You're the Boss!" or "Who's the Boss?" and Bruce laughed and said, "Thanks for informing me. Now that that's settled, let's keep on."
Before Matamoras Banks, Bruce said we needed a human immigration policy rather than vigilantes on the U.S.-Mexican border.

I was sitting in "bracelet" seats, so I don't know how the show plays farther from the stage. The arena, with the seats behind the stage and part of the top deck curtained, was sold out.

Scotti wrote: 6th Bruce show for me & a totally different experience. Musically experimental and showed his true genius. At times, difficcult to discern what was being played b/c versions were so unique.

Another religious experience with Bruce.

Ed wrote: Good, solid show although noisy restless crowd. The arena wasn't enforcing the "no coming back to the seating area until between songs" rule and it showed. Also, very noisy crowd compared to others on the tour.

Highlites included "THe Promise" "Tougher" the great "Cautious Man" "Real World" and "82nd St."

Am I the only one thinking that the message of "Matamoros Banks" is getting lost on these crowds?

Overall, very solid show in a very mediocre setting.


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